Thwart – Once Human

Label: Distrokid  Playing Time: 66 Min  Release: 14.12.2018


Thwart are quite a young band from Berlin. They are playing a unique mixture of styles. The basis of their sound is a tight Thrash attack, which is played in a modern style and from time to time, they add some growls. So far, everything is normal for Thrash Metal music. The ingredient that makes the sound unique is the female vocalist. Most of the time she uses a clean voice that does not quite fit to the Thrash Metal sound. When she uses screams and shouts sometimes, it is much more corresponding to the overall sound. In those moments she reminds me of Liv Jagrell of Liv Sin / Sister Sin. In those moments everything sounds much more homogeneous.

The instrumentalists do not produce any bugs, but they do also not produce much to remember either. So, all in all, “Once Human” is quite mediocre. Only ‘Borders’ and ‘Violent Self’ are working out nicely. The rest is anything but memorable.

  • 5.5/10
    Bewertung / rating - 5.5/10

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