Lordi – Sexorcism

Label: AFM RECORDS Vö/Release: 25.05.2018

About two years after their last release, the monsters of Lordi are back with “Sexorcism ”. And as the title already suggests, the new record has turned out pretty salacious. All the lyrics are unambiguously ambiguous. As always with a new album, the band also presents their new costumes and this time, they look simply awesome. Mr Lordi has done an amazing job, once again.

Maybe this time, though, the band was allowed to do whatever they want, uncensored by management and label bosses. This could be why the record is so kinky. Musicwise, Lordi goes back to earlier albums. However, while “Monstereophonic: Theaterror vs. Demonarchy” is pretty versatile and adventurous, they chose to stick with one motto this time: make songs that harmonise with each other but not in a boring way. This attitude did not harm the album and thus, you can find the typical sing-along anthems on the album – just as you are used to from the Finnish horror rockers. My highlights are definitely “Naked in my Cellar”, which is also the first video off the album, and “Haunting Season”. This surely is another great work from Lordi, who haven’t let their fans down with none of their so far nine studio releases. But, we would be up for a another Lordi movie.

  • 9/10
    Bewertung / rating - 9/10

Sandy Mahrer

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