Dead Shape Figure – Cacoethes

Label: Inverse Records   Playing Time: 35 Min  Release: 8th June 2018


Dead Shape Figure are a Finland based band playing melodic Death Metal. The band has been active for 15 years already, but they have not left a big impression outside their home country yet. Let’s take a look if it changes with “Cacoëthes”…

The CD starts with a quite bombastic intro. The first song afterwards ‘The last Of The Bearing Beats’ is also quite bombastic. I have to point out that the use of choirs, strings and keys is not that usual in this genre. The song is well-done and also quite catchy. It shows already all the ingredients of the album: Big guitar walls, double bass dominated drums, some keys and a lot of growls are the basis of most of the tracks. Occasionally lead guitars are added, sometimes more effortful, sometimes less. The sound resulting from those ingredients reminds me of some older In Flames, paired with Arch Enemy and I can also spot some hints of Soilwork.

The already mentioned ‘The Last of The Bearing Beats’ is quite a hit song, but the following tracks are more or less average. Why average? First of all, there’s a lack of ear candy quality. Even after ten cycles of listening, not a single melody or lyric line sticks in my mind. And I also have to say that vocalist Galzi Kallio does not reach the charisma of the vocalists of the bands mentioned earlier. So all in all, “Cacoethes” is an album without real lows, but more or less, also without highlights. Hence just average, as I said already.

  • 6/10
    Bewertung / rating - 6/10

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