Hammerfall / Shakra

8.7.2018 Z7 Summer Nights, Switzerland

Summer season is festival season, and although Z7 cannot offer those any more, every year they build a big stage outside for a selection of big Open Air concerts. This year one of the chosen bands is Hammerfall, who have not visited Z7 for a while. Therefore a motley crowd fills the whole area yet despite the heat it is still possible to enjoy the show in a comfortable manner.

The evening is opened by Swiss Shakra who have been active for an eternity and have played at Z7 quite often, usually in a headliner position. I have been following this band for 20 years and quite enjoy that some things never change despite vocalist changes – the performance style, the audience – a lot of familiar faces. Shakra deliver a solid show and I cannot confirm rumours that singer Mark Fox has problems with his voice or uses playback – I have never noticed anything like that. It’s only his announcements that are a bit peculiar, even after all those years he appears to be a bit shy. Nevertheless Shakra inspire the crowd and indeed prepare the people for Sweden power.

After an extended changeover Hammerfall take over. I have not seen this band for a while and feel curious whether they are still as good as back then. The fans sing along right from the start and despite the lost soccer battle Switzerland – Sweden I spot a lot of Sweden t-shirts. Singer Joacim Cans is as good as back then although it seems he does not use those high registers any more. Only Oscar changed in those years, I remember seeing him sporting black hair and beard. Musically they are still top and deliver an excellent set list with a series of their hits, hence the fans are celebrating every minute of the Hammerfall show. A fantastic Open Air atmosphere and a wonderful Z7 experience. Unfortunately this was the last of the five Z7 Summer Nights this year but we hope to have some more of those great shows next year.


Sandy Mahrer

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