Steelwing, Freedomination & Nuclear Omnicide

7.5.2016 Kuudes Linja, Helsinki

Cozy, medium-sized Kuudes Linja doesn’t very often host metal bands, but Saturday’s billing was a compact display of power that hopefully scared a few customers of the hipster bar next door. For starters, Nuclear Omnicide offered a no-nonsense dose of death-infused thrash metal; the only problem with their set was singer Benny’s decision to mingle with the (at this point still rather scant) audience. Without a spotlight on him, the voice out of nowhere was confusing and not particularly effective. Fortunately his bandmates stayed on stage and saved the show.


Freedomination I had seen once before, at an obscure party a year or two ago. By “obscure” I mean that I recall neither the actual location nor even which part of town it was in, and admittedly I didn’t find the band itself particularly memorable either. Maybe I was too drunk to properly appreciate them at the time, but I’m more inclined to think that they’ve actually improved a great deal. The material was as powerful as it was melodic and frontman Timo in particular did an impressive job – clearly my favorite act of the evening.


Last in line were Steelwing from Sweden. A new acquaintance to me and basically far too eighties-style for my taste, but nevertheless a lot of fun to watch in their metal-studded denim and leather outfits. And whenever singer Riley lowered his undeniably strong voice down to the normal male range, I actually found myself enjoying their stuff much more than I expected. All in all a well-rounded combination of bands and a great night!

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photos: Tina Solda

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