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Admittedly my acquaintance with dating websites has been not even a fleeting one so far, yet now this new platform is quite tempting to register as a member myself…  “Bound by Metal” offers a service especially for lonely Metal Hearts out there, and even without charging fees. Moreover, this website – just like stalker-magazine.rocks – is available in German as well as in English. Martin Schmid, the founder and admin of this Metal dating website, tells you more about it …

Hei Martin, please tell us – how did you get the idea for this platform?

As far as I am aware, there is no other Metal dating platform that is completely free and offers all the popular features like circumcircle search and optimization for mobile phones, which you expect on a premium dating platform. So, that´s what I wanted to change with the creation of Bound by Metal: to create the best Metal dating experience out there, which costs you nothing.

How is it going so far?

Very well. The platform started in August 2017 and now there are more than 1,500 users and it´s steadily growing.

I suppose working on the website is a hobby. How many hours per week/day do you spend on admin tasks?

Yes, it´s a very ambitious hobby project. The development of the platform took approximately 4 years to complete in my spare time. But hey! Some of my favorite bands like Metallica or Wintersun need even more time to write a new album. Now, I am constantly improving the platform. A few weeks ago, emojis were added. The overall usability has been improved and so on. I spend at least 10 hours per week on development and support, but often, I spend double the time.

How about the clientele? Is it about 50:50 or are there more lonely male headbangers?

Female Metalheads constitute around 40 percent of all users; so, I think it is quite a good number, considering that Metal is, in general, more popular with men.

What nationalities are most of the users? Has the site already become an international platform?

Most of the users are from German-speaking countries, but there are also some people from other countries. It is one of the larger goals of Bound by Metal to unite the metal scene. To become international, the whole website has to be translated into other languages. But this will take some time. At present, there is an English and a German version of the website. To the reader: if you want to get involved with the task of translation (for the glory!), feel free to contact me.

Do you hope to get invited to weddings?

Sure! But be warned that I can eat and drink a lot. There are already some couples that were brought together by Bound by Metal. So, that´s what I am really proud of.

In brief, how do you become a member?

That is very easy. You can sign up via e-mail or Facebook. Then, just fill out your profile, upload your photos, and you are ready to go!

Are there any membership fees?


Was there any serious breach of rules that made you had to banish a user? If yes, what did they do?

Metalheads seem to be very decent people. There haven’t been any problems yet. The system also favors good manners. You can only write a message to another person if they have approved your contact request. That means that you will only get messages from people who you possibly like.

Thank your for the interview – and well, perhaps just give this new dating service for the Metal Community a try so that your Metal Heart beats faster! 



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