Bloodred Hourglass: Beautiful and bad-ass

Metal Crane festival (report HERE) was such a big success that there will be another one January 18-19, 2019. A nice occasion to introduce our new interview feature “Quick Shot” – the equivalent to a short & sweet chat on social media. Bloodred Hourglass Lauri, Jarkko K. and Eero keep it indeed short & sweet …

Are you happy with the outcome of Metal Crane festival?
KOUKONEN: Yes, extremely.

Why was Lauri missing?
LAURI: I was working.

Was it easy getting Eero to play instead?
EERO: Yes.

As Lauri is supposedly the most beautiful in Wolfheart, who would take the title of “most beautiful” in BRHG?
LAURI: I think itʼs obvious.

Is Mikkeli still so horrible (as mentioned in our interview ARCHIVE)?

HEAL is your recent release (review here) but you have a new album in the making already – what can fans expect?
KOUKONEN: Something old, something new. Antti already has almost an albumful of songs arranged. Will be a beautiful yet badass album.

What else is up next?
LAURI: At the moment we are on our way to Oulu for tonight’s show.
KOUKONEN: We will finish our Finnish tour and then focus to the festival season. We are really stoked especially of the upcoming shows in central Europe. We also have plans to record a new album in about a year.

Kiitos and have fun in Oulu!

Klaudia Weber

Klaudia Weber

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