Evergreen Terrace: The Wolfbiker is Loose

“Wolfbiker”, the fifth studio album by Hardcore formation Evergreen Terrace from Jacksonville, Florida, is about to shake up the scene. Guitarist Josh James agreed to quickly answer some questions before he went back into his homey nest and the loving arms of his girlfriend.

Hi, there, how are you?
Tired and sunburnt.

Your new album “Wolfbiker” has just been released. How does it feel? Are you happy about it?
It feels pretty good. We are all very happy about its release. It is definitely our best record yet, I am excited to see the kind of response that it gets.

Where did you record the album? Did you have a good time or was it rather hard work?
We recorded it at Vision Sound studios (Red Jump Suit Apparatus) in Florida and had it mixed and mastered at the Blasting Room in Fort Collins, Colorado (NOFX, Lagwagon, Propagandhi, Comeback Kid, Rise Against). It´s always fun to go into the studio when you are recording new songs, I guess once you get in the studio you really hear how they sound and how you play but at the same time it was the hardest we have ever worked while recording. There were a lot of problems that we ran into but I think in the end we handled them as best as we could and the record sounds great.

Maybe you can for the probably umpteenth time explain once again what a “Wolfbiker” is?
Haha, yeah I think I have been asked this about 1 million times now. Buy the record, read the lyrics and hopefully you will be able to get a grasp at what a wolfbiker is.

Who´s writing the lyrics and who the music?
Drew and Craig wrote most of the lyrics, there are a few songs that Jason and myself wrote as well. As far as music it was mostly Kyle, Craig, and myself. But everyone adds to the songs in their own special way.

When I listened to the record after getting up in the morning it really kick-started my day, is that what you want to achieve with your music?
I´ve never thought about it as an ass kicker for the day but that sounds good to me!

It also reminded me a bit of Every Time I Die… Do you think you have a lot in common musically?
Ha, not really. Those guys are real musicians.

You also just recently switched your record label and are now on Metal Blade. For what I read the parting wasn´t quite amicable. What happened?
Let´s just say that us and Eulogy didn´t really see eye to eye anymore.

A couple of years ago you did an album, on which you covered bands that influenced you. But what about guilty pleasure songs? Which one would you like to cover?
I would love to cover a Queen song. They are by far my favorite rock band.

As you take your band name from the home address of The Simpsons family. What´s your favorite Simpsons quote?
“Don´t you hate pants!?”

Many bands were already featured in the show, would you like to be in it, too? What would the story line be??
Oh fuck, that is a great question! We would love to be in an episode. I think the storyline should involve Homer joining the band and going on tour, ha.

Back to your music. What are your live shows like? Do you have some embarrassing touring stories to share?
We have always put a lot of effort in giving people a good show when they come to see us. I don´t mean bright lights and huge signs everywhere, but the energy. I think that there is a certain element of fun when we play that you can escape if you are in the room. We have TONS of tour stories. One time Kyle almost got arrested for shitting the street, ha. It would take an hour to type the whole thing out.

What does the future hold for you?
A long drive to my girlfriends house and some kissing.

Thanks for your time!
No problem, thank you!

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