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Brymir: Sex sells, Pizza sells better!

Metal Crane festival (report HERE) was such a big success that there will be another one January 18-19, 2019. A nice occasion to introduce our new interview feature “Quick Shot” – the equivalent to a short & sweet chat on social media. First up Viktor Gullichsen, front man of Brymir:

Are you happy with the outcome of Metal Crane festival?
Metal Crane was such a nice gig for us and we are extremely happy both with our performance and with the reception. The crowd was just great and it was an honour to open for Catamenia and Kalmah, both of which served as a big inspiration for us in our early years.

Please tell the story of your Pizza-set list in Tampere (I was there, hence I heard your announcement that your set list was written on a Pizza menu …):
Our drummer Pate tends to create pretty cryptic and outrageous set lists for us to decipher (thanks, Pate). I can’t recall the exact origin of our pizza fetish, but hey… who does not fucking love pizza? Some say sex sells but we think pizza sells better!

If your songs / album titles (e.g. “Breathe Fire to the Sun” “Slayer of Gods” “Retribution” “Burning Within”)  were a Pizza, what would be on it?
The Black Hammer: Double cheese, double ham, black olives and enough chili to invoke the Evil One (from the darkest pits of wherever-the-fuck he lives).

Thank you for your participation!
Fun questions and a pleasure to answer, made my day! 😀


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