New Generation Superstars: King of the World

Release: 06.01.2017 Label: Underdog Records

“King of the World“ is the fourth release from Nottingham-based band, New Generation Superstars, which was financed through Crowdfunding. Their distinctive mix of Rock and Punk is very recognisable but, throughout the last years, the band developed it further and further – the songs are now subtler and catchier than ever. With each album, the English men release, I like them more. Their songs are true earwoms and live on stage, they are hard to beat anyway. “King of the World” contains 12 songs, which are over way too fast. The album is so harmonious and well-balanced that time simply flies. Plus, AJ and his men always try something new – on this album, there’s a song (Hold On) with female backing vocals, provided by Sophia Marshall. It’s a very beautiful piece, on which AJ also shows different facets of his voice. There are more musical revelations in the form of “Damn you (To hell & back)” and “Hello”. The two new musicians, Jonny Suicide and Mord Fustang, breathe some fresh air into the music and it works. This is a great fourth album and absolute must-have.

  • 9/10
    Bewertung / rating - 9/10

Sandy Mahrer

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