Nitrogods @ Hagen aTW

Gaststätte Stock, Hagen aTW, Germany, Oct. 6, 2017

The story begins with the educational desert of Germany: seven German high school graduates planned to see the Nitrogods and decided, instead of going to Düsseldorf, to head for the similarly distant, but much easier to reach Hagen.

Hagen in Westphalia. However, the seven high school graduates had just been missing when the letter H was on at geography lessons and thus missed that there are still at least thirteen more Hagens across of Germany and that the concert should take place in Hagen aTW is therefore “ass of the world” in the Teutoburg Forest and well three times as far. On a Friday.

After a half-hour drive through the woods and fields, the Gaststätte Stock – a public house located right in the center of the village – proved to be a not so bad a location: a festival hall with stage and bar above a pub with, an attached CD shop, and tasty food and drinks at reasonable prices. This is where the metal events take place, why do not you just find out yourself?

Two support acts were scheduled for the evening, MF Ruckus from Colorado started and the guys stunned us with their mixture of Westcoastmetal and NWOBHM. A passionate performance that musically reminded of a mixture of Diamond Head and Mötley Crüe and it was a lot of fun how they convinced the audience of about 150 people by their commitment. I would be very wrong if we won’t hear from those guys again.

Next band was Kickin Valentina from Atlanta, which I would rather have settled in California because of the numerous accessories of singer Joe Edwards. Compared to their predecessors they fell behind, not only the volume, but also the dynamics of their performance remained behind MF Ruckus. Do not get me wrong, they did not do anything wrong, but on this evening the other guys were more convincing.

Finally the headliner mounted the stage, the Nitrogods, which features – besides the German Lemmy voice Oimel Karcher – two former Primal Fear members with Henny Wolter and Klaus Sperling, and these hints should be enough to describe the musical style.

A familial appearance, it is not easy to describe all the absurdities that took place outside the stage during the evening: a couple danced Disco Fox to the hammering metal sound, a few guys tried to put a chair for an injured friend (who needed crutches) directly in front of the stage and in the course of the evening, guitarist Henny Wolters was saved from dehydration several times by the audience, he was offered a longdrink glass with suspicious content. Apart from that, the evening was incredibly good. The joy of the music and the passion on the stage were on the same level as MF Ruckus, but the nitrogods have all the years of stage experience and this turned the hall into a magical place.

In addition to songs from the new album Roadkill BBQ (including “Rancid Rock”, “Roadkill BBQ”) the classics like “Rats & Rumors” came from the album “Gasoline”, “At least I’m drunk” from the debut album Nitrogods to the lecture. Both frontmen alternate not only with singing, but also with entertaining announcements and thus create a familial atmosphere.

After two hours, Rose Tattoo’s “Nice boys don’t play rock ‘n’ roll” and an excellent version of Motörheads “Overkill” finished the set and as “Oimel” Karcher’s voice almost sounds like Lemmy’s, the one or the other headbanger might have shed a tear too.

I myself did not shed tears when remembering an entrance fee of less than twenty euros; this price-performance ratio made it probably the best concert in this millennium.

CONCERT GALLERY HERE, photos by Lorkkinnen


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