Let your voice be heard!

Silent majority? NO THANKS.
When the majority remains silent passive and indifferent, then the anti-democratic extreme minorities in Europe use their chances to take over – and don’t forget, their more or less obvious goal is ending democracy altogether! Almost 100 years ago, this is exactly what happened in Germany … Therefore let your voice be heard and don’t miss your chance to cast your vote!

The European elections 6-9 June 2024 are as important as any local and national election – just think of all those concerts, tours and festivals that are only made possible by “open EU borders”! Many bands (and their fans) have already felt the negative effect of Brexit in this very aspect …

As I had pointed out once before – all those who “aren’t interested in politics” or “don’t want to comment on politics” like eg artists, athletes etc, are ultimately affected by politician’s decisions anyway. For example, whether culture, arts, music – including Rock’n’Roll and Heavy Metal – will be supported and have all the freedom to shine and develop further, whether the personal freedom, freedom of speech, free media, freedom to travel, to choose your religion etc will remain self-evident. Unfortunately there are examples on the European continent for what happens when such freedom is no longer a matter of course.

Therefore, your ignorance, missing out on casting your vote is not just negligent but also dangerous, perhaps even perilous!


Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay

Klaudia Weber

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