Ajattara – Lupaus

Label: Svart Records   release May 2017

Lupaus, promise, is the title of the new Ajattara album – and thus they are officially back in the Metal scene (there have been some reunion shows before, e.g. at last year’s Nummirock, see our report). And the promise to come back with a number of remarkable songs is definitely put into reality.  „Saatanan sinetti“ opens this album accordingly with some brutal vocals and music, navigating the seas between Black and (Melodic) Death Metal shores. Besides a moderate dose of blast beats you will also find melodies and ear-candy riffs – not to forget a certain headbanging appeal which dominates a track like „Ave Satana“ despite the blast beat attacks. When songs are more on the moderately-grooving side, Pasi shows us his clean vocal qualities once again (remember Amorphis), but still sounds bloody evil. „Suru“ (see video below) or the epic title track could be defined as “evil twins of Amorphis songs” … Finnish quality Metal, and a well- done comeback.

Ajattara 2017:
Ruoja (Pasi Koskinen) – vocals
Kalmos (Vesa Wahlroos) – guitars, backing vocals
Tohtori Kuolio (Juha Harju)- bass, backing vocals
Raajat (Janne Immonen) – keyboards, backing vocals
Tartunta (Mynni Luukkainen) – guitars
Malakias 6,8 (Rainer Tuomikanto) – drums


Ajattara - Suru (Official Music Video)

  • 8.5/10
    Bewertung / rating - 8.5/10

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