Sendelica, The Fërtility Cült, J Kill & Mr Mule @ Semifinal

27. April 2017, Semifinal, Helsinki
Was it this nasty April weather or the upcoming legendary-orgiastic Vappu weekend that kept Finns rather inside their own 4 walls to preserve their strength? It should be one of those Thursdays providing a very intimate Club setting for eclectic music aficionados.
First up were J Kill & Mr Mule, filling in for ?Verity, who created a psychedelic, slightly doomy atmosphere.  Basically this Finnish instrumental trio performed one 30min Song.  Bandwebsite
Surprisingly I should have no problems to capture photos of The Fërtility Cült as they rather focused on their calm material of their 4-album back catalogue. At first, because they put on more speed and Rock energy during the show. Once again a great gig featuring an instrument that admittedly is not my first choice for Prog Rock with Alternative elements … anyway, a great band. Bandwebsite
The headliner Sendelica delivered more proof that a saxophone can indeed rock, even in an Alternative-Prog-Psychedelic instrumental band. Very professional and highly focused, fully dedicated to their art, the four guys from UK put their audience into a cheerful trance almost immediately. Despite all this complexity there was plenty of Rock punch, well, no wonder when you have “Wolverine” on drums… I can only recommend to put all the bands mentioned on a “Must-See” list.  Bandwebsite

Photo: Klaudia Weber – and HERE you can find the photo gallery

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