Wolfpakk – Wolves Reign

Release: 28.04.2017 Label: AFM Records

For the fourth time already, Mark Sweeney and Michael Voss rock it with Wolfpakk. As with previous albums, they stick to their concept of working together with numerous well-known guest musicians. On “Wolves Reign”, there are people like Biff Byford (Saxon), Ronnie Atkins (Pretty Maids), Danny Vaughn (Tyketto), Chris Holms (ex-W.A.S.P), Jen Majura (Evanescence), Mark Lynn (Gotthard) and Alex Holzwarth (Avantasia), to name just a few. As usual, the different singers and musicians provide a certain variety; the only thing that stays the same is Mark Sweeney’s remarkable voice. Sometimes, the varying voices are much needed, if you ask me, because it’s hard to know where one song ends and the next one starts, for example with “Spirit of the Hawk” and “The 10 Commandments”. If the whole album was like this, it would be too boring for me. But then, there are songs like “Mother Earth” that change everything and impress in every aspect. That song is totally different from the rest of the album. For me, the slower songs at the end of the album work much better than the chaotic fast ones in the middle. In any case, “Wolves Reign” features great singers and awesome guitar solos. It’s good at the beginning and the end with some weak moments in between. But you can simply ignore them because the rest is just fine.

  • 8/10
    Bewertung / rating - 8/10

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