Anneke van Giersbergen / Trillium

29.10.2013  Hamburg GER

It was not an easy task to win over the audience that night, but in the end it worked out just fine. Anneke van Gierbergen managed to convince even those who seemed indifferent in the beginning. Well done! She offered a spectrum of music that ranged from rocking to softer and from older to new. Anneke brought a good atmosphere and a good band to the stage and delivered a show that was well worth seeing.
As the doors of the venue opened, there were about 30 people present and they didn’t quite fill the place. Luckily more audience arrived before the concert started and therefore the support Trillium got to play in front of a nicely filled venue.

The band surrounding Amanda Somerville was rocking, grooving and headbanging. The songs were powerful and made people want to dance. It took a little to get the audience to participate, but after a while they clapped along and listened as well. The band played well and brought lots of energy to the stage. The set was solid, nothing to complain about. A very good warm up.
After a short break Anneke and her band came on stage. Some fans were singing and dancing along from the first notes, but the remainder of the audience was mostly quiet. Yet they were listening attentively. No one on stage was bothered by this – they played their hearts out. Anneke sang songs from her current album “Drive” as well as older ones, sometimes playing guitar too.

She played a short acoustic set, consisting of “Circles” and “Beautiful one” on her own. I almost felt like being back in time, in April, where I got to see her supporting Pain of Salvation. After that she called her band back to the stage. The likeable singer fared well with or without them. Her selection of songs was just right – there should have been something for everyone. After a while she had taken over the audience and by the end of the night they were even singing along.
As always at the Knust, the lights weren’t the best, and the front row was blinded at times. Yet the sound was great. Anneke van Gierbergen played for 90 plus minutes and the setlist she chose was satisfactory for everyone. She sang, she rocked, she danced and sometimes she just stood still. She got up close with the audience and asked them to participate. She let her guitar do the talking or just let her voice ring out. A concert to get dreamy about and to rock along to. A beautiful night.

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