Lovell’s Blade – Stone Cold Steel

Label: Into The LimeLight Records     Release: 10.02.2017

Legend in a day

Pete Lovell is the former frontman of the Dutch metal band Picture, and a year ago he left for good, took his guitar-playing friends Andre Wullems and Mike Ferguson simply with him, found a bassplayer (Patrick Velis) and a drummer (Noel Van Eersel), set them all up in the studio and conjured up an album that sets standards.

Produced by Serge Naberman, the frontman of the Dutch Rebel Stars, a brilliant album with melodic Metal in the style of the 80s was created. The guitar work and song structure often remind us of the old Accept, but also to Foreigner and some other old school bands.

You can hear that professionals have been working here, a round sound, catchy riffs, on-the-spot solos, a solid and brilliant rhythm section, a voice with recognition effect and everything right to the point, without unnecessary frills and furbelows.
The opener “Legend in a day”, not only does blow one’s ears off, it gets stuck inside your brain and stays there for a very long time. Just a week after hearing the song for the first time, I still cannot get it out of my head: my foot is tapping continuously, my fingers are drumming the chorus part, and according to the strange glances of my offices co-inmates, the head also starts banging in a not quite tolerable frequency .

It goes on with the simple but hard rocking “Dynamite”, to which Pete Lovell can really release the rock singer, and here he  even sounds a little bit like Bruce Springsteen.
We continue with the drum-heavy “Rollin on”, reminding us of ACDC’s “High Voltage”.

LOVELL'S BLADE - ROLLIN' ON -official video-

“Devils Daughter” is another melodic rock song with a catchy chorus and a strong solo, while “Nothin to lose” also serves the fans of Aerosmith and ZZ Top.
The next song “Out for Blood” is the fastest track of the record, followed by “Into the Sun”, which starts with an acoustic part and seems to be the closest thing to ballad on this record.

“Rise and Fall” is a heavy history lesson in the style of Dio,

“Inside Out” leans scarily into the Britpop corner, and with the calm “As much as You can” an equally variable as ingenious album is closed.

“Stone Cold Steel” brings back the sound of the ’80s: honest, melodic Heavy Metal, which is still nasty enough to scare your mother-in-law.

For me it is already one of the top ten records of the year and I can only recommend to buy the CD as quickly as you can, it will quickly be sold out for a reason.

  • 9/10
    Bewertung / rating - 9/10


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