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January 7, 2017    Ilvers Musicbar, Erfurt, Germany

What better can you do than start the new year with something good. With good music and a good deed. Conveniently, these two things could be combined in Erfurt in the beginning of January. At Ilvers Musicbar, a charity concert took place, to aid the children’s hospice in Thuringia. Three bands had agreed to play, two from Thuringia and one from Luxembourg, for a donation of only 5 Euros. We didn’t know any of the bands. Thus a good reason to go and check them out.

Unfortunately not many others had the same idea, because when we arrived at 8pm, only us and the bands were in the club. Later, a few more people joined us, perhaps about 10. That’s really sad, also because musically it was a fine evening. Both the bands and the charity project had definitely deserved a bigger crowd.

Barmy Rote from the neighbouring town Gotha were first on stage. They stood in for JennaRot, who had to cancel their performance at short notice. Thus their show seemed a bit improvised. Nevertheless, the three guys with their music that sounded very grungy live, made the first heads nod. A laid-back gig with rehearsal room vibe.

The second band on the bill tonight also hail from Thuringia, their musical roots, however, definitely lie in the far north: Sorrownight. Appearance and music strongly remind of HIM – in their best times, one might add. If you close your eyes, you could almost believe to have a young Ville Valo on this stage. The songs are catchy, versatile and most of all melancholic. They clearly have come up with a nice and fitting concept. In front of the stage, a couple is in each other’s arms, totally in love. And the band has big aspirations. If only they could free themselves a bit more from those HIM shackles.

The evening’s main act came all the way from Luxembourg, over Germany’s snowy roads, to Erfurt. My Own Ghost play Power Rock with Metal influences (the latter comes mostly from the band’s drummer), which reminds here and there of Dover. Vocalist Julie’s clear and powerful voice is the band’s trademark. Despite the small crowd, the guys from Luxembourg give their all on stage and obviously have their fun – just as if they would play at a sold out show in London. Respect! Infected by the band’s good mood music, we dance our way to Sunday morning.

In the end, the charity tour’s three gigs raised about 200 euros, which the organiser will round up to 300 euros and donate to the children’s hospice.

symbolic pic: K.Weber

My Own Ghost - Live at LED: Beautiful Mistake

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