Mind Of Doll & support @ Vernissa, Tikkurila

Eihän täällä kukaan käy Klubi, Saturday 28.5.2016, Kulttuurikeskus Vernissa, Tikkurila / Vantaa, Finnland
Opening acts do have a tough job – usually there’s no big crowd yet, and in case there is, they might be rather interested in waiting for the headliner – and this night Pyroclastic Flow faced another handicap: you could not take any drinks into the hall (which should remain a slight problem for filling all the bands’ pits)


Those guys took it as a challenge, delivered Rage against the Machine meets Metallica meets Guns’n Roses Sound and an energetic show, thus leaving an overall good impression. More here


It was most likely Black Sabbath that inspired the following band White Noise Broadcast – their Stoner-Rock with a touch of Doom and Psychedelic managed to lure a bigger crowd from the bar next door right into the pit. Band website


Bloodsucker Circus had been disbanded in 2010 and they came together again just for this gig, therefore several former band members should be joining in on stage as well. Punk meets Finnish Pop plus a pretty weird show, which did not seem too chaotic to me, though, in comparison with acts like Wankers of The Zoo Crew, Musculus or The Physicists, for example… In the meantime some more people had arrived to the party on stage, and also in front of it the party had finally started. Or was it because of this special show effect for the ladies? Band info here


Mind Of Doll are definitely one of those underrated acts who deserved much more attention. I had not seen the band live for a while and felt pretty excited. And what to say, those Low Life Heroes once again pulled off a great show, pure dirty Rock’n’Roll, crowned by a unique voice. Besides their classics, e.g. Marks On My Face and Wolves, they also played a brand new song – as a new album is about to be released in the hopefully near future… We’ll keep you posted. There was some more interaction with the audience, as many friends and long-time fans were attending. Still, there could have been more in thehall, and I mean, right there in the pit… No lack of applause, though, and naturally the band was not allowed to leave without an encore… Another nice gig, and you can get an impression of this band here or via Video below …

To our photo gallery here     photos: K.Weber

MIND OF DOLL - DEAD A.M. [official music video]

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