Sons of Sounds: In the Circle of the Universe

Release: 13.05.2016 Label: Fastball Music

Sons of Sounds are around for quite a long time already – this is no big surprise when you know that these are three brothers, playing music together. How convenient to have a whole band in the family! “In the Circle of the Universe” is the brothers’ third album. I have to admit that so far I haven’t heard of them. Their music is a mixture of various metal genres (Power, Speed, Prog, etc.) and their new album a concept album. It’s about changes in the world around us, about the fact that everything is in transformation and no-one can’t hide from it; but it is also about magic and the unknown. Using vocal samples, the band tells a story in their songs.

However, the story and how it develops within the songs is not clear for me to see. If I hadn’t read it’s a concept album I, most likely, wouldn’t have noticed. Why not tell the story more elaborately in the booklet, even add a few more details, for instance? Unfortunately, the guys missed that opportunity to advance their concept. On the positive side, the three guys surely know their craft. In my opinion, the songs are all well done. Vocalwise, I can’t find anything to criticise. The voice fits perfectly to the sound, which, is, however, sometimes a bit too chaotic. The opener “Magic” and “Movie of my Life” are good examples of that. The guys, thus, could work a bit on vocals-instrument harmonisation because it’s just sad that the vocals get lost inside the big guitar sounds. A few parts, for example, with the song “Ikana” remind me of Tenascious D.

All in all, the songs of Sons of Sounds are not really catchy and I also think their music is quite hard, hard to understand and enjoy live. Certainly, the guys know how to handle their instruments and voices but it’s difficult to listen to them while driving a car, for instance. There are just too many impressions at once – sensory overload.

  • 8/10
    Bewertung / rating - 8/10
  • 8/10
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