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Night of Insanity 3, Helsinki

7.5.2016 Dubrovnik, Helsinki: Ozzmond, Jarkko Silaste, Rankkuri, Blind Hen, KT and the Moonshine Band, Saatanan Marionetit

Another night of insanity event, where you cannot only expect insane performances – not even the bands themselves can tell when they are on stage, as this is determined by a lottery right on the spot… and I have to mention that lottery/event host Toni Viitanen added his share to the overall madness.


Ozzmond, a one man punk band, proved once again that even just one dude with an acoustic guitar can entertain an audience; not sure if his act could compete with Ed Sheeran in Wembley, but here he pulled it off to warm up the crowd and to put a smile on everybody’s face. Bandwebsite

Only a few minutes before the second act Jarkko Silaste


entered the stage, I had complained about the fact that not too much crazy stuff happening when Finnish bands are on stage, and then… Quite catchy upbeat Rock’n’Roll songs, and hell, what a show, the singer was hardly ever spotted on stage, preferred to perform on bar tables instead, and he knew how to impress the ladies… Bandwebsite



were not the only ones with a Western theme this evening, which suited their music – somewhere between Viikate and Turmion Kätilöt – quite well, and they also connected the performance with an audio drama. Yet no explosions, although they had this Mythbuster’s Jamie lookalike on bass… Bandwebsite

Blind Hen


After so much craziness it felt quite relaxing to witness a more classical approach to stage performance (although one of them used more than just the stage)– a foursome from Riihimäki delivered straightforward Rock with some psychedelic / Prog / Grunge elements, very appealing. Bandwebsite

KT and the Moonshine Band


offered some Titty Twister feeling (less vampires, luckily). Musculus (our Fresh Act) covering themselves in stereotypical country music style turned out so well that they should do that more often. And then this brilliant Jolene classic cover… Makes me wonder if they could convince unsuspecting country audiences, or would their song texts give them away… Bandwebsite

Saatanan Marionetit


The fans had to wait for a long time to have the masters of insanity once again on Dubrovnik stage. Once again a lot of fun, and they could even summon a guest singer (from Rankkuri). Despite the late hour, the audience did not allow them to leave without their epic hit about dark woods and mushrooms… Our interview    Bandwebsite

Summing up, it was once again good music, great bands, crazy shows – I can only recommend not to miss the next insane event.

photos: K. Weber

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