Oomph, St.Peterburg, Oct 29, 2015

Russian XXV Tour, Cosmonaut club (symbolic photo)

The second yet the first truly Russian gig of the ‘Russian XXV Tour’ by Oomph!

The long line of fans has gathered outside even before the door was opened at 7 pm. Even the long 1,5 hours waiting inside did not seem to confuse the crowd. But when the dry ice fog filled in the stage and the familiar silhouettes emerged from it, the people went nuts. As much as Oomph! seem to be a frequent guest around, the crowd has missed them, especially remembering the previously cancelled gig of the cover-side-project “What about Bill”.

Meanwhile the new tour program along with the iconic trio brought four additional musicians and a lot of instruments, which allowed to perform a really versatile program. At times you could see and hear the three guitarists and two keys or vice versa, with mostly constant double drum set, the second kit being played by Dero (which was nice, but always on the rights of good old tradition). Speaking of the ‘good old traditions’, there was some slight gasp of the audience not seeing the well known sailor-outfit and scary make up on Dero.

But this make-up variant along with many others was present in the form of the masks people prepared as the flash mob.

However the peak of the jubilee-party was Dero jumping into the crowd and joining the mosh pit he organized himself. Then later, at the end of the gig, Flux also joined the example and jumped into the crowd. Don’t worry, both survived uninjured.

After leaving the hall, there was no doubt that not only the audience but also the band will be looking forward to the next show!

Text: Varvara Murasheva

(symbolic photo due to the lack of photo permission)


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