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Findustry 2015 – Helsinki, Bäkkäri, Oct 2-3, 2015

with The Physicists, Iiwanajulma, Khroma, Kilt, Black Light Discipline, Forgotten Sunrise, Egokills, Days of Lost

Findustry is one of the classic events in the Finnish capitol and offered a delicious line-up also this year. There were several reasons why I only heard one or two Nu-Metal/Thrash songs of the first band DAYS OF LOST from afar – yet you can check our colleagues Tempelores for more info on this gig.

Well, the extreme sound of the next band was more my cup of tea, and you don’t get to see them that often: KHROMA. As always a highly energetic and energizing show – and there could have been more people enjoying it. The light show was quite spectacular too, yet not so nice for taking photos…. at least I did not have to fear being mutilated by slam dancers this time…

BLACK LIGHT DISCIPLINE (report photo) proved once again that their sound is a guarantee for instant party on and in front of the stage. Although a bit bigger than earlier, it was still not quite the big crowd I had expected – but the fans rocked the club as if it was a full house. Lots of action also on the stage, despite the fact that at least 2 band members were ill – which was maybe noticeable only to those who had seen this act quite often.

Afterwards it was time for another band that guarantees a good time with an intense experience: KILT. Have I ever seen a bad gig of this act? I can only recommend to check out their intense Prog sound, either live or via (digital) media. Surely also in this case the crowd tried to make up with enthusiasm what was lacking in numbers…

Day 1 disappointed only when it comes to audience attendance, therefore I hoped that day 2 would be better. EGOKILLS presented their appealing Grunge / Stonerrock mix to a slightly bigger crowd than the first bands on the previous day…


Less people than expected would unfortunately also characterize this evening. A pity for THE PHYSICISTS, the Findustry organizers, who celebrated the release of their new album ”My Love is dead”. Which did not affect the intensity of the celebration, and the band had come up with interactive treats like those huge balloons, and suddenly the band hijacked a photographer to play guitar with them – no reason to panic for us camera people to get spontaneously recruited, though, it was Iiwanajulma’s Timo Hänninen. Not surprisingly the fans kept a certain distance to the stage, maybe even bigger than usual. Yet those ”musical version of the Mythbusters” made it through the show without major explosions – only most of the balloons popped…

FORGOTTEN SUNRISE replaced Crib45 who had to cancel because of their sick front man. The guests from Estonia offered pure Gothic feeling – no lights, deep voice and Industrial sound, which many took as invitation to dance. Not bad, but there had been delays and the majority of the audience was waiting for the headliner, therefore getting impatient…

When IIWANAJULMA finally entered the stage, the spirits went up high in this late hour. Again, a band that guarantees a good time, another flawless intense experience of intense music, despite a replacement on six string (Kilt’s Esa Pajunen), and also front man Wille just recently had a somewhat unplanned time-out in a local hospital… a Findustry event with various obstacles to overcome.

Still, a great gig, a great event, thank you and until next time. Too bad so many of you missed it…

photos: K.Weber

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