Dragonforce: In The Line Of Fire

Label: earMUSIC / Edel, release 10.7. 2015, total run time 100+ min

It took 15 long years until Dragonforce finally release their very first live DVD – and it is understandable that Herman Li wanted to play a bigger role in the whole production process. He has not only directed the DVD, he also did the editing and production. Now, fans can enjoy the more than 100-minute-long DVD.

First off – there are things on the DVD that I do not understand, especially in this part of the DVD – there is some bonus material interspersed between the songs from the actual concert – videos about the band members and backstage scenes. It is a bit sad because exactly those short scenes kill the concert feeling over and over again. But nevertheless, the bonus material is really interesting. It only would have had a better place in the extras section.

The concert itself is a show from Japan that the band recorded last year. The setlist pretty much offers all songs a fan needs – with a good sound and really nice shots that give you the feeling you were at the concert and not sit in front of the TV. Here and there, there are shots that switch too quickly for the eye and brain to handle, which might not be everyone´s taste – but as this doesn´t happen too often, it is not hard to simply ignore it.

You get a chance to see how parts of the bands spent their time in Japan – and also why. Whilst Marc searched for a cat cafe and was directed to a brothel, Fred enjoyed some real sushi etc. – entertaining and clearly something that might cause one or the other laugh attack. Herman Li shows the fans how he spent Christmas and New Year´s Eve – you guessed it, working on this. It´s a little peek behind the scenes, not showing too much but still nice to see.

Overall, it´s more than just a good live DVD. I only got one thing to complain – Dragonforce is a band that so greatly interacts with their fans, and during such huge shows, like the one recorded for this DVD, it´s impossible to do that. I had preferred a smaller, more intimate club. Apart from that, I can only say: thumbs up, hats off – this is a DVD that even I, not a fan of the band, would consider buying.

  • 9/10
    Bewertung / rating - 9/10

Carina Ullmann

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