Hollywood Undead: Just be normal!

Tuborg GreenFest is one of the greatest summer festivals in Russia. Usually it gathers many famous rock bands from all over the world in different Russian cities. This time we had a chance to talk to Jorel (Hollywood Undead) and speak about music, touring, beer and something more than just beer.

Describe yourself in a few words.
I describe myself as a very lucky person, I don’t have a big head at all.

What project are you working on at the moment?
We’re working on our fourth studio album. It’s coming out next January. We wanted it to come out this year, but the record company decided to do it next year. And we are coming back to Russia this year in the end of October.

And is this your first time you’re in Russia?
Yes, this is my first time. It’s amazing, we love it very much. Everyone’s nice and I drink alcohol a lot – it’s awesome!

I’m glad to hear that you like Russia…

So … What you can’t do without?
Something I can’t do without…?.. Hmmm … Usually, beer. ‘Cause everywhere we go – we drink beer. It kills a lot of time. Last night we had a trip from Moscow to Saint-Petersburg and we were drinking beer.

And what do you usually do when it is a long trip?
Drink beer! …Drink and sleep. I try to read books but it never works…

Do you do any crazy things when you are drunk?
Hmmm… Last night we were fighting with each other. That’s normal in America. But it was not seriously.

Okay… Is there anything you wish to learn?
I wish I could speak Russian.

That’s difficult language. Why?
Yes, it’s difficult… In Hollywood, especially in West Hollywood, there is a lot of Russian people.

And do you know some words in Russian?
Ya hochy morojenoe (I want an ice-cream – int.)

If you wanna beer you can say – Ya hochu pivo.
Oh! Thanks! Ya hochy pivo.

That can be useful for you! 🙂
Oh, yes!

And… What is the best advice you have ever gotten?
People from other bands, from greater bands, say: just stay grounded, and it is very easy… Some people think that they are better than others, so the best advice is to just stay humble.

Is it hard?
No, just be normal.

Do you have any slogan in your life?
No… I wish I could answer but I don’t have at all. (Laughing)

Something that not many people know about you.
Not many people know that I’m the funniest guy in our band.

Why not many people know that?
Because I don’t tell them. (smilling)

What is the ideal concert for you?
The ideal concert we play in Russia every single night. Over and over again. Moscow-Saint-Petersburg, and again Moscow, and again Saint-Petersburg…

Your Russian fans must be happy!
They are!

And what makes you happy?
Playing good shows. Sometimes we play bad shows, and it sucks, and I feel bad. So playing a big good show really makes me happy.

And what is a bad show?
At bad shows you can’t control what’s going on. When something doesn’t work, when the guitar stops working, or the microphone. And the crowd thinks that it is you, but it is that mechanic.

Is there something you are proud of?
I’m very proud of the fact that I can travel the world. Because, the rest of my family never has and probably never will.

Why do you think so?
People in America don’t really travel as much as people in Europe. Because it is such a big country, everything is very far away and expensive. So, without this band I probably would never see the rest of the world.

In your opinion, what is the most amazing place you’ve ever been to since you’re touring?
Russia! This is the most amazing country!

Hmmm… Did you expect to see bears?
Yes, and a lot of alcohol. And this is what it is now – a lot of alcohol.

Is there something you like besides music?
I like skateboarding. I do it since I’m a child and this is really what I like very much!

Do you have any formula for success?
No… And I have no idea! Because whatever we are doing – is working. It’s a big question!

Yes, it is. So keep on working! Looking forward to your new album! And have a great time in Russia!
Yes, thank you!

Author,photos : Alex Semenova, Jullia Andreeva

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