Doro / nulldB

Tonight, the Metalqueen herself comes to Munster, which is not really known as stronghold of Metal music. And therefore it is as usual, the Jovel music hall is not even half filled when the evening begins – what a shame for Germany`s university city no 1.

The evening begins with a little annoyance: When I arrive at the venue at 19:45 I hear already some noise from the inside – although the venue homepage says that the show will begin at 20:00. I become a bit nervous instantly, because there was nothing published about any warm up band. So could this already be Doro with her band? After a short period of listening and hearing a male voice singing, I am quite sure it isn`t.
When I enter the venue I notice a band called nulldB has the warm up slot tonight. I never heard of them, but my first impression: this will not fit at all! Instead of melodic Metal, sweet ballads or old school riff attacks, the guys play bass dominated songs in a musical mixture of Rammstein, Turbonegro and Backyard Babies with German lyrics. There are 4 freaks on stage which couldn`t be more different: While the guitarist / vocalist looks quite like a metal dude with his beer belly and his long hair, the motley rest looks really misplaced – a guitar player, painted black and white from head to toe, a bassplayer wearing a kilt and some sort of silly hat, and a drummer in a white suit, looking like a psycho.
When it comes to their music, I have to say that it is not really bad, but definitely misplaced today. Neither the present metalheads nor the housewives like this stuff. The band would fit much better to a Turbonegro tour, the With Full Force festival or to a biker meeting. Maybe they would have received more applause there.

It looks of course completely different when the headliners are entering the stage. Doro and her sidekicks kick off their show with `Out of Control` and they are in a really good mood. All hands in the venue are going up, and with the following `I rule the ruins` finally everybody sings along. It is really fascinating how Mrs. Pesch can still motivate herself after 30 years in the business and more than 1000 concerts to play a show in a half filled venue.

What is scheduled today is a journey through the discography of Doro and her former band Warlock. Besides some old stuff like `Burning the Witches`, `Hellbound` and `Earthshaker Rock`, there is also really new stuff like `Night of the Warlock`, `Raise your First in the Air` and Wacken hymn `We art he Metalheads`. Of course Doro plays also some of her sweeter songs, just like `Für immer` and `Unholy Love`. In between there are some weak moments, which could also be a matter of the widely diverse audience, but in the final parts, everybody is awake again! It begins with a great version of Judas Priest` `Breaking the Law`. The band starts slowly and acoustically, close to the version on “Classic Diamonds“, then push the accelerator and speed it up and turn up the volume. Finally, it is version which could not be better celebrated by the Priest. Afterwards it is time for the final `All we are`, which everybody in the venue and on sidewalks outside sings along.

So, everything is fine? Actually not at all! There are 2 little annoyances today. First of all, the band has to finish the set approximately 20 minutes earlier than normal due to the strict curfew because of the following disco event in the same venue. The second point is the suboptimal lighting. While the stage (and the band) is lit very well, Doro isn`t. She normally stays really close to the front of the stage and there are no lights. I am a bit surprised because the light technican should know about it and should therefore choose a different focus area. So, mostly, only Doro`s silhouette can be seen. But it was nevertheless a nice evening, which ends with Doro`s promise to give everything in the next 30 years. We rely on you, Doro!

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