Tonight´s show is the occasion for the Dutch symphonic metal band Epica to both promote ”Requiem For The Indifferent” and celebrate the 10th anniversary as a band. It had been a long time since Epic played a club show in Helsinki, so fans are pretty thrilled tonight.

After the introduction “Karma” played in a pitch dark Nosturi, the band starts its set with “Monopoly of Truth”. From the beginning of the set, the first positive thing we can notice is the clear sound. It is just perfectly tuned and adjusted. Everything sounds very clear and is at the right volume. This made it easier for the audience to enjoy every instrument and especially Simone Simon´s high pitch voice. Simone delivered a memorable performance tonight. Despite the fact she´s pregnant, she still moves quite energetically on stage and doesn´t hesitate to bang her head. She´s in a good physical shape and doesn´t appear to be tired at all. Her vocal performance is flawless and it´s such a pleasure to hear her singing live. Not only Simone gives 100% of herself tonight, but also the other band members are happy to play. Full of energy, the three guys at the front stage share an obvious complicity together. Guitar player Mark Jansen wears a constant smile on his face when he isn´t busy growling the backing vocals in his microphone. The newly arrived bass player Rob Van Der Loo is very well integrated into the band and you could think he´s been part of the band since the beginning.

It´s been 10 years since the band has been around, and you can definitely notice the progress they´ve made. Tonight, we´re facing a self-confident band that performs its set very professionally. All the members manage to act naturally and the whole thing remains spontaneous. The Dutch band interacts a lot with the crowd between the songs but also while playing. Indeed, it didn´t take much time for Epica to share and spread their energy, and inevitably that good feeling quickly infects the crowd.

The set-list is based on variety, since the band decided to play songs taken from their different albums. As a result, you get a selection of songs that are relatively different from each other: it is was a smart way to keep the audience´s attention and to give a good rhythm to the show. The Dutch band alternates between hectic and more calm songs, the latter are an occasion for the fans to put their hands into the air.

The contrast Epica´s sound carries is even more perceptible live than on the albums. Growling back vocals and the restless rhythm stand in contrasts with the classical influences and the opera-like voice of the redheaded singer. The great “Monopoly On Truth” couldn´t illustrate better that intense contrast. When performed live, Epica´s music really comes alive and is definitely a vector of emotion, particularly thanks to Simone´s vocals.

For almost two hours, Epica played an impressive performance, both the band and the crowd had a great time. The obvious complicity between the whole band combined to their hit songs ( “Cry For he Moon”) are probably the main reasons why Epica shows are always a success and always an emotional experience.

Marine Crepiat

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