Los Bastardos Finlandeses / Block Buster

I might have mentioned already somewhere that those Finnish bastards can light up an anything-but-perfect (festival) day … after the interview with front man El Taff Bastardo alias Bryn Jones (soon to be published here), I should have the chance to enjoy this band under circumstances that involve liquids being exclusively served in glasses, not dripping from the sky…

First the stage belonged to the support act Block Buster from Kuopio. Their outfit suggested already some “80s tribute” sound, and Bryn had mentioned something like “AC/DC style” before. I have to admit that this was a pretty good definition of their powerful Rock/Metal set that was quite appreciated by an already pretty big audience. The quartet unleashed an energetic and quite professional show – even when a guitar strap suddenly unlocks, it didn´t stop them from giving it all. A good act to keep an eye on.

When Los Bastardos Finlandeses entered the stage later that night, the party started, the dance floor filled up – good for the band, bad for the photographer… at some point I just gave up and decided to enjoy rocking along withy ear candy like “Smokin Dynamite”…
How to describe this band? Well, imagine ZZ Top playing together with Motörhead, and they had hired a (vocal) reincarnation of Phil Lynott as singer… or: a much more cheerful version of that band playing in the Titty Twister Club (Tarantino´s From Dusk Till Dawn). Or: No matter how bad the weather, this band immediately beams you into a parallel universe where there is sun, sombreros, leather, motor bikes and lots of Tequila. Apropos Phil Lynott – in between the band paid deference to Thin Lizzy – because there was no need to play a cover version to inspire the crowd. This crowd enjoyed the material from the new album “Day Of The Dead” a lot and naturally sang along with the older stuff. And you could see that the band enjoyed playing a lot, too, not only because of all those witty remarks in between. A band colleague warned Bryn against the use of too many swear words as his mom was in the audience … Surely after an hour this audience wanted more, so the bastards returned to play e.g. the Radio-Rock-Hit Acapulco. But then the high-octane version of Ace Of Spades was the final song … Muchas gracias, amigos, it´s always a pleasure to watch your shows, till next!

PS: It turned out afterwards that it wasn´t a joke – Bryn´s mother was indeed out there in the crowd… Cheers, madam, it was a pleasure to meet you!

Red Eye Rock´n´Roller
Smokin´ Dynamite
Rocket Science
Hop on yer Harley
End of The World
Skulls and Guitars
Jailbreak (Thin Lizzy Cover)
Yours to ride
Goddess of the Valley
Day Of The Dead
House Full of Hooligans
Motor Rock Meltdown

Last Call for Rock´n´Roll
Ace Of Spades (Motörhead Cover)

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