Sturm und Drang

Finnish rockers Sturm und Drang are still a young band considering the age of the members, but they already have three albums under their belts. I felt it was about time to go and check them out. The venue was far from sold out, but that did not keep them from playing a good show.

From the opener “Hammer to Fall“ to the closer “Rising Son“ Sturm und Drang delivered a powerful performance that included everything a good rock concert needs: High energy, guitar duels, head banging and even a ballad thrown in. A good mix of songs, old as well as new.

The band looked liked they were having fun and the audience soon moved closer to the stage to rock along with them. Soon they managed to get everyone involved – people sang, clapped and air-guitared along. Watching was almost as much fun as listening.

The only complaint I have is that it was over too soon. Sturm und Drang only played for one hour and did not come back for any encore. I really would have liked to see more of them. It was surely an entertaining concert.

Hammer To Fall
Your Love Is For Sale
River Runs Dry
A Million Nights
Molly the Murderer
Goddamn Liar
Party Like A Rockstar
That’s the Way I Am
Rising Son

Stefanie Oepen

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