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Eine in Teich 2013

A Metalfestival on top of a mountain – just the location is a selling point because of the view. Yet: you need a good stomach and should not be afraid of heights, just when driving up there. Flatlanders should gather information how to tackle mountains beforehand, as we encounter even 2 vehicles that have given up early. (NS)
In its 4th year, this small festival focuses on the Austrian Metal underground – well, sarcastically speaking, the Austrian Metal scene as a whole is pretty underground anyway, therefore such festivals are really important. One good aspect, in a small scene everybody knows everyone, therefore it´s rather like „family meeting with live-music“. Please note here that you need warm clothes, even with +30 C in the valley, because on a 1600m top the temperatures drop easily to freezing point, in cloudy weather and especially at night…

The familial character becomes obvious even before, when fans, bands and crew gather at the inn nearby to gather strength with hearty food (e.g. Frigga), some even dare to jump into the famous pond (the festival name means „Into the pond“). And we can spot the legendary „inn menu advertising cows“.
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The table neighbours have a brilliant idea, to use the cows as display of the festival running order. Well, this adds some new dimensions to the meaning of „running order“ – you cannot expect those bovines to stay at one place for long… (KW)


The tough job to open the festival in the early afternoon is done nicely by Death Construction with their technical (Melo) Death Metal.

I like Calderah and their powerful sound – I´d use Entombed as reference.

The Thrash act Supercharged Afterburner remind me somehow of Children Of Bodom – minus the keyboard. Unfortunately there are not so many people present. (NS).

My first highlight are are CZ Panychida with their Folk-Black Metal mix. And they even gather some more people.

Rotten Cold entertain us with their Grind and their snotty performance – the new CD will be out soon. (KW)

A bloody performance indeed: Seduced attempt to convert vegans by graciously distributing meaty treats to the audience, yet I am not sure if this method will succeed. (NS)

The first audience magnet are Tulsadoom with their bombastic Metal and their impressive show. I bet some more people in the pit might have appreciated a fur coat at this point, not just for fashion reasons…


Some might have missed a bass line in this Extreme-Core trio´s sound, I enjoyed
Annihilate and their „attempt to destroy mankind“.

However, I don´t enjoy the lyrics of German Der Weg einer Freiheit – way too pathetic for my taste. The audience likes it, and yes, cool music that reminds me of early Dornenreich.

Also Sakrileg – who finish the first festival day – remind me of this band.
I truly admire all those who dared to camp up there, as at this point we are not the only ones who prefer the warm interior of the inn to the festival area.
More photos of all bands can be found in the gallery, linked in the top section

The second day begins like the first one, but there are more people in the area already – and in the pond. Still there could have been more audience in front of the stage.

The fact that this festival enjoys Black Metal bands becomes clear with Svarta – their corpse paint and style point to Norway. (KW)

I hear Scarecrow N.R.W. for the first time and I enjoy the show and the music, especially the final epic song. The singer entertains with his voice and his sarcastic remarks („hopefully we are loud enough for all the people up there in the camping area“). (NS)

Nephrolith from SLO receive the right back drop for their atmospheric Black Metal, as sinister clouds gather and even drop a handful of hail. Luckily the weather situation remains calm also on this day.

Fallen Utopia have many fans already, and indeed their Thrash-Metalcore works nicely.

Similar scenario with Sole Method who might tend a bit more to Thrash. (NS)

Asmodeus seem to gather the biggest crowd at this point, no wonder with such a professional bombastic BM show. The singer even competes with Scarecrow-Bernd for the „cool comments“ trophy.

Distorted Impalement are a surprisingly entertaining Death-Grind act, even when you don´t take this pink t-shirt into account.

Flammensturm perform a fiery show as their „Farewell Concert“, and the enthusiastic audience reaction means that they will be missed by many.

French Benighted deliver a truly energetic performance that outstaged many other bands before – a worthy headliner! There´s a mosh pit – no wonder facing such icy temperatures – but somehow it doesn´t work with the Wall of Death. It´s difficult to capture photos, first because of this hyperactive act, secondly because of my shivering (despite winter gloves and jacket). We take off earlier and don´t hear much of the last band Boozehounds Of Hell … (KW)
More photos of all bands can be found in the gallery, linked in the top section

Nice crew, catering tasty and for modest prices just like the tickets, great atmosphere, only the temperatures had many „flee the scene“ early. The bands might have appreciated some heating and better light in the backstage area. But that´s it, an absolutely recommendable festival! (KW)
Nice festival. Chapeau to the technical crew who kept the schedule. Maybe next time they ccan come up with heating cannons. (NS)

photos: Klaudia Weber
seduced (9) Kopie

text; Norbert Schüller, Klaudia Weber


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