Rea Garvey / Ryan Sheridan / Nick Howard

I had been waiting for a very long time to finally see Rea Garvey, the singer of the band Reamonn, live on stage, it had just never worked out in the past. Therefore no journey would´ve been too far, and this is also what others had had on their minds; fans were standing in front of the venue for several hours, struggling with the cold and the strong wind.
Once it was time letting fans into the venue, the disappointment was quite big regarding the chilly temperature inside, but that changed really quickly in the sold-out Turbinenhalle. Quite a few who had complained about the chill first, probably soon wished for fresh air – the venue was full, moving in the crowd was pretty much no option.

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It all started with the Irish duo RYAN SHERIDAN (Singer/Guitarist & Cajon percussionist), who warmed up and prepared the audience for what was still to come on this evening. This worked out pretty well, even though the crowd didn´t go completely nuts, what I couldn´t understand because it´s been great music and a more than solid performance. The evening had started in a laid back manner, but during the gig still more and more people squeezed themselves into the main hall – getting in or out seemed to become impossible.
Setlist Ryan Sheridan
Stand Up Tall
Take It All Back
The Dreamer
Endless Road
Seven Nation Army (The White Stripes Cover)

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During change-over, the audience could enjoy a short set of the winner of the last Voice of Germany competition NICK HOWARD, who wasn´t standing on the stage to play and sing, but on one of the stairway-platforms, presenting songs such as “Unbreakable” and “Can´t let you go” form his album “Stay who you are” indeed close to the fans. The audience enjoyed this performance thankfully, there was an ocean of (admissable) devices that had a recording-function in them – the interest was huge, same for his signing session at the merchandise booth after the end of the show, where many people queued up.

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Then it was time to open the curtains (which happened just after the first song) and let the show of REA GARVEY begin. The audience was enthusiastic, from the first till the very last second. It seemed like everything was just as it should be – the really great interaction between Rea and the audience, those little stories he told between the songs and a really strong vocal performance. The setlist included not only songs from his album “Can´t stand the silence”, but also two duets with singer Stefanie Heinzmann as well as the Reamonn song “Through the Eyes of a Chil”. He managed, without any problems, to build up an atmosphere in which you were just feeling comfortable, a mix of songs that created a suspense arc, which was full of rocking but also quiet and melancholic tunes, adding the special something to the show. The ones who weren´t into it and enthusiastic, might´ve been just dragged along by a fan- because there was clearly nothing to complain about!
Setlist Rea Garvey
Rise Before You Fall
Wild Love
Sorry Days
Life up ahead
Colour Me In
Through the Eyes of a Child
Feeling Good (&Stefanie Heinzmann)
Plain sailing (&Stefanie Heinzmann)
Can´t Stand the Silence
Follow your heart
Heart of an Enemy
Hole in My Heart
I am
Love Someone
How I Used to Be
Save a Life
End of the Show

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