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NooZ, Cold Cold Ground: Get naked with friends

With a band name like Cold Cold Ground you got to be predestinated for a chat about SAUNA … bass player NooZ reveals what Finns really mean with “get naked with friends”…


Step 1 – heating up
How do you usually start your own Sauna experience?
Well, of course it all depends where you are and in which company. If you´re lucky, you have sauna that heats up by burning wood. Electric saunas, in my opinion, definitely don´t have too much the magical character in them. Even more lucky you´re if you have the traditional “savusauna” near you, whereas the smoke heats up the sauna. If you´re anyway more into electric sauna, just skip this shit.
Anyway, for me the best sauna experiences usually happens in my summer cottage in North Carelian area. First of all, heating up the sauna is the ritual that you´d better to have enough time to. Slowly light up the fire into the sauna stove, sit on the bench and just stare into the fire, as long as needed. Without any rush you can enjoy being alone with fire element and smoothly slide deeper into relaxing mode. Basically any wood would do the job, of course but the birch is most effective because of its burning values. And somehow the heating up can be even more satisfying, if the woods have been chopped down by yourself earlier. Then wait and let your eyes rest looking to the calm lake and every now and then climb in to throw more logs into the fire.


Step 2 – get naked with friends
Who would be your favorite Sauna partner?
I love to have a sauna with my great friends in public saunas or at their home or anywhere, but usually the most purifying experience for me is to having a sauna all by myself. I guess everyone needs to be alone every now and then, and for me sauna is a perfect place to get into “deeper” level of thinking and relaxing with my own thoughts. If I could choose one person from anywhere in the world to having a sauna with… I think Vladimir Putin would be kind of interesting company to having a conversation with. Then, of course, I would demand to take care of the heating…

What is the perfect Sauna drink?
Anything that takes off thirst. No matter whether it has alcohol or not, but they´d call me a liar if I wouldn´t say: a cold beer, so that´ll it be then.


Step 3 – enjoy
What´s better – separate or mixed Sauna?
If the company is otherways great, it really doesn´t matter. In sauna a human being is, at least partly, far beyond the bonds of this world, including the sexual needs. On the other hand I also like to see naked women around me, so… hehee.

What is your opinion about sex in Sauna?

How would you explain Sauna to foreigners / aliens from another planet?
Let´s get naked and sweat our asses off, man! C´moon!


Step 4 – cool down
What is the difference between “normal” Finnish Sauna and “Savusauna”?
Well, shortly: Savusauna is the traditional way of heating up the sauna. It takes lot´s of time and lot´s of wood as well, since you have to burn logs something like 6 hours under the stone stack, close all the windows and doors and let he smoke to heat up the room. It really is worth to bother since the well heated savusauna has the incredibly soft and tender warmness in it.

What is your opinion about “frying sausages in Sauna” (in my house it´s prohibited)?
Well, I never do that since I´m not a big fan of smelling sausages in sauna. After the sauna, the sausages made in the fireplace otherwise are great.

How often / how long do you usually stay in Sauna?
It all depends on so many different factors that it´s impossible to say… From 5 to 10 minutes at the time, then a short break outside or in the lake. And this can continue sometimes 1 hour, sometimes many, many, many more.


Step 5 – relax

photos: NooZ


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