Deathstars: Orgasmic Beginning of the Year

So, the mission for 2009 is set. And well-equipped with the upcoming new album “Night Electric Night” it shouldn´t be hard for the Swedish Finest of glam industrial, lead by singer Whiplasher Bernadotte, to win over hopefully not only the ladies but the world. Yes, Sex sells… even if there are no half-naked blood stained blondes on the cover, but five hot looking guys in uniforms aren`t that bad at all, are they? But enough of flattery, here´s the master of temptation in his own words…

How often have you already been told today that “Night Electric Night” is the best album of your career?
Very often! Which is nice since I definitely think so as well.

And how often have you said it?
Just as many times, of corpse.

Which by the way it really is. The new songs are damn catchy and it´s hard to highlight a single one. But if you had to choose one song, that represents the new album and the band best to someone who has never heard anything from you, which one would you choose?
I guess Chertograd or Death Dies Hard are typical great Deathstars tracks and gives a picture of what the band sounds like, but to present stuff from the new album that sounds a bit different than before maybe Opium, Via The End and Blood Stains Blondes.

And which ones are your personal favourites?
Opium, The Mark of the Gun, Death Dies Hard…  but all songs have different qualities to me.

Please tell us something about the recording process. Where did you record it, any strange or funny things happened?
We recorded the album in Metrosonic Studion in New York City, and then did additional recordings and tracks in Future Legends Studios in Stockholm. New York was a lot of party, and Stockholm as well. When it comes to this band it is surrounded by strange happenings. All the time. I just can’t pick one occasion. Anyway, the recording was pretty smooth and we had a good time doing Night Electric Night.

It´s often said that the third album is the most important one for the further career of a band. Did you felt any pressure to top the success of “Termination Bliss” or to cope with the expectations of your fans?
Yes and no. I understood how long awaited the album was when I started to talk to magazines and press about it. Of course you reflect upon it then, but as long as we feel good about the material there is really nothing more we need, or can do. Nightmare produces the albums and we keep the recordings for ourselves so we have to trust our gut feeling. During the recording I haven’t really thought about it that much, yet though we have been much more picky and selective with the material. We are perfectionists but this time we have been even more. In the end I just think we had much higher demands on ourselves.

Is there any meaning behind why did you choose “Night Electric Night” as the final title?
I think it symbolizes the content of the album pretty well. The lyrics and the mood of that song… This album is a lot about the overall feeling, and to nail a certain kind of mood. That was very important with this album – the feeling… Night Electric Night summons up death, party and rock in an a groovy way.

“Death dies hard” will be the first single, you already shot a video for it. Could you tell us a bit about the shooting and the story of the video?
Let’s just say that the video is about a girl not having the best of days. The video was shot in Belgrade and it illustrates well the vibe of the album – which is the one of the city after dark, the black side of playland and the very peek of depravity.

The cover artwork is absolutely stunning. Who was responsible for it?
We have two different layout artists. Qras is the one who has done the regular edition which is the more Russia-inspired, and Jonas Iscariot is the one who has done the limited Gold edition.

You stick with your uniforms – which is very nice. The new ones are very stylish. Where did you get them?
Our own designers – Deathglam Industries (aka Freya & co) – in U.K do our outfits etc. Very nice girls that looks after us vain boys. The uniforms are replicas of old Swedish army outfits from the 1800-century, or so. Uniforms illustrates our music well; dark, tight, strict, sexy and dangerous.

Since not that long ago it was Christmas, let´s play Santa. If you could choose one present for each of your band members, what would it be and why?
Nightmare Industries – A vacation
Bone W Machine – 5 kg of kobe entrecoté
Cat Casino – A portable foldable full length mirror, that he can bring wherever he goes.
Skinny Disco – Anabola Steroids, since he work out so much in these days.

And what would you wish yourself from them?
A Doberman dog. I would love that.

What was the worst Christmas present you ever got?

Any plans how you will spend the last electric night of the year?
In the woods with my family. Far out on the countryside.

What are your plans for 2009? Tours? Maybe a DVD?
Yes, tours start in February, and we will most likely tour all over the place in 2009. We are collecting material for a DVD so hopefully it will be released before 2099.

Famous last words?
Deathstars get you orgasms.

Author: Marie-Luise Führ, Photos: Deathstars

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