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Triosphere – Ida Haukland’s 7 deadly sins

Norwegian Metal frontlady Ida Haukland talks with us about the 7 deadly sins and the bad sides of the music industry.

Well, I have a nasty habit that when I am eating, I always think that I can´t go to the plate and get more two times so I always fill just everything at once and too much and stuff myself. This is a difficult question. Well I think that my eyes are always more hungry then my stomach so I overfill my plate so it´s always a lot of food left on my plate when I have enough. Well, I think that´s the best I can answer!

I never get tired of sleeping. I can sleep and sleep and sleep, so I love to sleep, I definitely do, and at the same time I always try to do at least seven things at once so I think I try to whenever I have to do anything I do it all at once so I can lay on the couch more (laughs) So I try to be effective when I am doing something.

Well, you do quite hang up in your appearance when you are supposed to be on stage and give a visual performance. But I am really used to always hang around with only guys for so many years so I have never been that vain I think. I always try to look ok but it´s not that I am hysteric about it. The most vanity is that I try to have cool clothes up on stage. I am very easy going like that.

Oh… well, back to the food thing again. I can´t dispute if I see something I really want if there is a table with lots of dishes I am like ahhh I want most of this. Maybe I tend to not to leave so much left for the others.. mhh well, I should have had some hours to think about these questions (laughs) Maybe we can get back to it..

Lust, Lust, Lust…mhh well, that´s definitely an important…well that goes with Greed too. Greed and Lust are important ingredients to write lyrics about. If it comes from personal feelings or experiences or if it´s just things I see around myself, Greed and Lust are very strong urges in the human being so I find a lot of inspiration to do lyrics and to my own musical expressions from those emotions and from all I see around myself. So I think that´s probably the best answer I can give on Lust cause even though they are very concrete sins they are very abstract emotions that portrait themselves in many different ways but Lust can be a drive for something and it can also destroy many things cause you lose the focus on where you´re going so and I think that´s also with Greed you have to have some kind of Greed to go for what you want but you have to be careful that it doesn´t constrain yourself in your ways.

Oh yeah, that´s when you are just down to being angry, I have really experience with this. Well, I get very easily stressed when we are working on the soundcheck and everything and when I get stressed I am not a very pleasant person to be around, I get like “Oh, common let´s do this now, get done with it!” and “Were the hell are the cables!” (laughs) So I don´t know if it´s just my female nature shining through or what it is but yeah. I have done the experience that I get pretty angry when I get stressed but I am also very careful to explain that to everybody that don´t mind me when I am a bit like this it´s because I am stressed and when everything is done then its gone then I´m finished with being unpleasant. Beside from that I don´t have any wrath. I can control myself mostly. Well yeah if we have a pressed time schedule and there are some external factors around that we get delaying or so then I am like “Ohhh, come on!” But if I have been unreasonable grumpy I always apologize

Envy is an emotion we see a lot in the music industry both within our own ranks and from others and that is really, really awful. We have actually discussed this many times in the band, we see there are so many other people they are so hung up in bad mouthing others without any reason and that of course is an result of envy in some form and we seldom understand why, cause we think that there are so many extremely talented and well acknowledged artists and bands and everything. Well, it is a very present emotion in the music industry and also from others who are trying to work themselves up. You know always when people are successful and they manage to go for their goals that´s really a quality that of course others admire and then there can always be a thin line between admiration and envy so it´s a sneaky thing. But fortunately we don´t see it so much around us, personally, but we do when we go and travel around.

photos: Sandy Mahrer, Triosphere

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