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Hocico, Rabia Sorda: Erk Aicrag and the 7 deadly sins

Hardcore bondage, smudged black eye-makeup, offended look upon all humanity and rough aggrotech beats to go along this rivethead´s image. Erk Aiscraig, the frontman of Rabia Sorda and Hocico on stage is a grinder machine to make your teeth ache, is most mothers´ nightmare their daughters might one day bring such a creature home. And he´s a hot Mexican blood too! So talk about sinning… yet are we at all surprised which sin he is the most proud to be guilty of?!?!?!

That´s important to feel a human, it´s part of our nature. I am very happy that I can be a sinner in this point.

I´ve been doing this one since I´m born! I love food, I love eating and I never had any problems. I can always eat what I order, I don´t like throwing food away. I don´t know if I am a sinner, but I love food and I eat a lot. Rax (band-colleague Racso, the ed.) especially eats too!

Yeah, there´re moments in life when I think too much about what to do but do nothing. I´m thinking about things without doing them…

I don´t think I am… how can I say? If I want to make myself look good? No… actually it´s the other way, I like to make myself look more grotesque and disgusting, I like it more, if you know what I mean? I don´t think it´s vanity, but I don´t concentrate on myself too much. As a musician you get a lot of attention and I develop my image, to something that makes me feel comfortable and confident on stage. It´s more important to me to feel confident and comfortable and having a certain image helps that. It fits to the music also…

I ask too much of myself, especially in music, I expect myself to do too much. I expect that from many people around me too…

I think most of it is reflected in our music, I think we found a peaceful way to release, unlike many others who go to war and kill people. We help a lot of people who attend our shows, they can go and be wild for an hour, two hours and then go back home, and rest. What makes me angry is injustice, how the world really works and how money moves everything and how suddenly life lacks its meaning, you know? People aren´t humans anymore, for many people it´s only numbers and who cares when they die?! This really makes me angry the way the world evolves around profit and money, not feelings.

I am not really envious of anyone. I´ve never met a person whom I thought I wanted to be, I´m happy with the person I am. To be honest I envy people who can do sports and do it hard and well, as I´m a little bit lazy.
Author:  Marina Sidyakina, photos Molla Mills

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