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Apocalyptica – Eicca Toppinen’s 7 deadly sins

Apocalyptica mastermind Eicca Toppinen plays us first cello on this symphony of human weaknesies we like to call the seven deadly sins…

That´s one of the most destroying powers in a human being. Very important to be honest to yourself. There is no person who never feels envy. Everybody envies sometimes somebody or something. It´s very important to realize it, otherwise it does so much harm.

Most people think that lazy people are somehow bad people. Most of all Finland is a country full of workaholics. All those workaholics hear about these lazy people who they are blaming for being lazy. I think it´s good to be lazy sometimes . Ok, if someone is lazy his whole life… Well, at least I feel sometimes very lazy, which is paradox, because I´m doing so much and doing so many things, but sometimes I just feel that I don´t do enough.

Too much is always too much. Human being is difficult it in a way it want´s to have pleasure and satisfaction all the time and sometimes it´s dangerous. That´s a disease of western culture. I would really call it a disease. Nothing is ever enough, you never feel happy or satisfied. So that´s an desease.

It´s poor, if people have to power themselves with the image like a diva. I heard so many stories about this divas, like Mariah Carey or those. That´s very cheesy, stupid and boring.

Sometimes it´s so nice. Just enjoy…

Anger is a good thing. It protects yourself. If your been treated like shit, you have to be able to get angry to protect yourself. People should accept that all these feelings are in every person. Hate can turn in a really bad thing if your not able to handle it. If you think on children … they hate their parents if they don´t get what they want. Not in a really bad way but it´s there. Doesn´t matter how strong the feelings are, you always have to be able to control it.

Disease of western and becoming a disaese of eastern culture as well. I support sociality so much. You have to find your own limits and the balance of being greedy and protecting yourself. If you have something good, you should share it with others, but not give it to others.

Author: Samira Alinto, Photos: Rebecca Böhning

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