Hevisaurus is the new Finnish Metal/Hardrock phenomenon, featuring Finnish lyrics: Two totally sold out shows at Nosturi, Helsinki, and in December 2010 their new album Hirmuliskojen Yö (The Night of the Scary Lizards) became # 3 in Finnish charts; it is also nominated for Emma, the Finnish music prize. There´s one extremely remarkable aspect about it – it is music for (very) young children!

The band history begins about 65 Mio years ago, when Herra Hevisaurus (Tyrannosaurus Rex, vocals), Milli Pilli (Triceratops, keyboard), Komppi Momppi (Apatosaurus, drums), Riffi Raffi (Dragon, guitar), Muffi Puffi (Stegosaurus, bass) were frozen in a magic mountain and finally re-awakened in 2009 by a thunderbolt. In the same year they released their debut album Jurahevin kuninkaat (The Kings of Jurassic Heavy) which immediately won a huge fan following, especially among their “target group”. Just like Lordi before, the kids are amazingly not afraid of those “monsters” but enjoy them. Themes of Hevisaurus songs are derived from Dinosaur world (Viimeinen Mammutti – the last Mammuth), fairy tales or important every day issues: “Hevipitsa” (Heavy-Pizza), Grandma´s Motorbike (Mummun Mopo) etc. See videos here

Sure this is also something Metal parents can enjoy, the music and the fact that the kids are practically kept hypnotized for a long time, during the whole 45 min show. For Hevisaurus it was also important that kids can see everything of it, so the parents were asked to go away from the front or sit down. Admittedly it was a bit strange to sit in the middle of hypnotized kids right in front of the stage.

The show incorporated a lot of theatrical effects and impressive light show, some other fairytale characters (which also appear in Hevisaurus lyrics) entered the stage as guest performers, Pirate Captain Koukku, who also had a sword fight with the drummer, a very young guitar hero “Batman” and a Robot.

The band communicated a lot with the young audience, especially singer Herra Hevisaurus. They even had an encore, after they found out how much noise their young fans can make. Summing up, from the parent´s point of view it is definitely a concert you can take your kids to any time.

But perhaps it´s better to ask the expert audience about their impressions, namely Elviira Rantala, a big Hevisaurus fan, now almost 4 years old:
Who is your favorite Hevisaurus character? “The singer, Herra Hevisaurus”.
Your favorite Hevisaurus song? “Supersankari”
That was your second Hevisaurus concert, so which one was better, the one at Tavastia or this one at Nosturi? “I cannot say, both were good. The lights were good.”
What do you like about Hevisaurus? “Herra Hevisaurus has such a good voice, this is why Hevisaurus is better than any nursery rhyme!”
Her rating: “Hyvä, kiva” (good, marvellous)

text & photos: Kimmo Rantala

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