1 HOUR WITH… Ensiferum

Ensiferum still have a tight schedule this year, after some shows in Canada they are soon on a European Tour with Chtonic und Insania. Here you can see how the band´s physical and mental preparations look like…

An hour with Ensiferum at art museum Kiasma, Helsinki

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Pleasant anticipation: Band-mastermind Markus Toivonen (git, vox) and Sami Hinkka (bass,vox) are totally excited to find what Kiasma experts put on display to the topic „landscape“.

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And their basic idea was contrasting ancient master pieces (z. B. Pieter Bruegel, Werner Holmberg) with recent artwork.
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Sometimes this requires some concentration.

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Markus finds that some of those look like „my own scribblings when I´m on the phone“.
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And also Sami has some problems with too modern art.

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Sami visits Kiasma quite often because his girlfriend studies arts. Markus was at Kiasma some years ago when he was at school.

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But this sculpture they both find very impressive.

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And even more Jesper Just´s Carnegie Art Award-ed video installation „A vicious undertow“ (no photos possible there).. Markus: „Great, now I have an idea for the next Ensiferum video!“

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Finally, an installation that they really enjoy!

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Summary: It´s always worth to check out Kiasma (free entrance on Fridays after 17 h)!

Text & photos: K. Weber


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