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Born in Corsica, this artist has always been searching for the place where he felt home. He tried many, but only in Finland he has found this place of freedom. At least for a while. We´re talking about Indi Loveless, a great musician, who has a lot of skills, but still almost nobody knows him. With his upcoming solo album things should change, the single “Charlie” can give you an acoustic and visual impression (via video clip). Who “Charlie” is and why one decides to leave the warmth of Corsica and move to Finland you can find out below.

Hey Indi, how are you doing? Thanks for taking some time to answer our questions. X-Mas is just around the corner, how are you going to spend X-Mas time?
Hi Sandy, thanks for reaching out!
About Christmas… well it´s few days ahead and I still don´t know! I might spend it at Zetor restaurant In Helsinki with a bunch of American and English friends, also expats in Finland.

You will release a new single and Video called “Charlie” (Teaser here: ) on 16 January 2014, right? Can you tell us a bit more what the song is about and what inspired you to write this song?
Yes you´re right, it has been postponed a couple of times already due to the big amount of work that the video needed but I think this time it´s for good, mid-January it will be out!
The song is about Charlie, slang for cocaine, and being betrayed by a friend. As most of what I write it is autobiographical. It tells how an estranged introverted and unhappy person as I was had the occasion to break out of its shell, become hype and enjoy some really nice time thanks to a “friend”, Charlie, but how Charlie tends to use people, offering them high times that are ultimately illusions for finally leaving them down bleeding on a bathroom floor as the sun rises on a summer morning. It tells how hard it is to accept that Charlie had never really been a friend and to walk away from him: “even though I never really knew you, I´m still thinking about you Charlie / we could never again be buddies, though I´m thinking about you Charlie”.
I didn´t want to say “drugs are bad”, it´s the ignorant s statement, just some friends aren´t to be fully trusted.

The video was done by Black Cloud Picture, who got the idea for this nice video? Was that done by the company who did the video, or how did it work as they are in Slovakia?
I never remember who´s responsible for the first idea and who added what as it is always a team work but since it´s a brilliant idea I bet it came as usual in that case from Misty my manager.
Misty had put me through Lukas Palatinus, the owner of Black Cloud Picture we hit off well and decided we should work together one day, as the occasion arose. I explained my ideas to my screenplay writer friend Sebastien Simoni who drafted it in few weeks. Then Lukas brought in his graphist/animator/director Patrik Paulinyi and besides some delay (the video was planned for release in early September!) things flew on pretty smoothly. Patrik has spent a crazy amount of time working on it, in my ignorance I had largely underestimated the amount of work that such a video required.

You have made a great video for “Bushes” already( Which was shot in Gloria by Outline Studios. How important is it nowadays to have videos for the songs?
Very honestly, strictly for me videos aren´t important, I rarely watch any music video, sometimes realize years after that I song I love and listened endlessly was actually released along a video that I´ve never seen… but in today´s world the way things look seem to have more and more importance, and even for something that is absolutely not intended for the eyes as music is, many people seem to need a visual support to focus their attention long enough to allow the tunes to sink in.

Misty´s nerdy-stats-fact:
YouTube is currently by far the number one channel for us Finns to listen to music online and should be no different elsewhere ( 81% of the users between ages 18 and 29 years feels it as an important channel for listening music online. Study: Consumer Compass Oy & IFPI 2013).

In June you announced on your website that your new album is about to be released, but since then we haven´t heard anything of it anymore, so how are the actual plans about the release?
As it was announced the album was completed in June, the process took about two years of work. That´s for me the biggest part of my job, once this done the delay is due to securing deals, planning releases, making videos and always, always run after labels, foreign managers and collaborators to always “remind” them of what´s to be done… this is exhausting and it always feels like some “extra task” to me, without Misty and his flawless support and work I couldn´t cope with the frustration that these things bring.

Did I understand it right, that you are originally from Corsica? How in the world did you end up in Finland?
Yes I was born in Corsica but left the island at the age of 18, as soon as I could somehow. It is a nice place but the future seemed blank for me as I didn´t fit in quite well nor could see any opportunity as a professional musician further than playing covers in local pubs. I´ve tried to see how life would be in several big cities across the globe without never feeling quite at home till I spent a couple of weeks on vacation in Helsinki. The people here amazed me, their tolerance and acceptance allowed me to bloom and feel maybe for the first time in my life “at home” almost 4000km away from where I was born. Still to this day I consider moving to Finland the best thing I´ve done in my life and I could never be thankful enough to the people who made it possible, they know who they are! 🙂

How much time do you spend nowadays in Finland?
Most of my time when I´m not playing or recording abroad, on vacation or visiting my family in Corsica.

You have your studio in Corsica where you also produced your upcoming record, right? Does Corsica or Finland inspire you more in writing new songs?
I have a studio in Corsica, that´s correct and the album was mostly produced there but since last spring Misty and I also have our own studio in Punavuori in Helsinki! It´s convenient when you wanna lay down some tracks, and not to have to take a couple of planes to do so. 😉 Besides I don´t think any of those places inspires me more than the other to write. What I live, feel and experience are my sources of inspiration but Corsica is more auspicious to locking yourself up in a studio days and nights to work as there is really very little things to do around!

What do you prefer most on these two places? And if you would have to choose, where would you live?
I like Corsica during the summer for vacation, the nature there is so beautiful it can still take your breath away, even if you´re a native. Helsinki after almost seven years of residence hasn´t lost its appeal. The people are still amazing and even if I can complain about some stuff at times I do remember how lucky I am to be here. My choice has been made a long time ago, my life is in Finland but for where my life will be in the future I don´t know. The world is a big enough place I consider it a waste to spend a whole life doing the same things in the same place.

I guess most of your song topics concern situations in your life, is that right? What kind of topic would you never write about?
Yes you´re right, most of what I write is autobiographical. It is not much of a choice, I just cannot write about something that doesn´t deeply touch me. This leaves a lot of topics out though. I could never write about things I consider empty such as cars, babes, hoes, bros, dollar bills, party hard, sexy bitches and so on. xD Those things seem to be the biggest concern of pop lyricists nowadays. I couldn´t write about them simply because I wouldn´t have anything to say about such topics!

There is not a lot of information about you to find in the internet, to be honest, so would you tell me how your musical career has developed? When did you start to make music? And as you play all the instruments on your songs yourself, what was the first instrument you learned to play?
Blame it on my promoter!! Cheri Martin at AXR Music Finland, not to mention anyone. xD aahah, well more seriously, we used to have a pretty long and detailed biography on the previous website but we thought it can be quite a drag to read all of it, I´m already quite self-explanatory through my lyrics and I´m also accessible to people, I even answer to most of my emails… just not always exactly on time! 🙂
To try to make it short, I´ve played and sang for as long as I can remember, I must have started guitar around the age of 4. It is my main instruments but on my records I play also drums, bass and keyboards. I like machines such as samplers and synth gizmos that you can hear all around my productions. Before starting a solo career I´ve had too many bands to count, mostly as singer, guitar player or both. I sometimes wish I had the balls to bring out my own things earlier on as I started recording my private “albums” when I was a young teenager. But I took the easy way for a while, just fitting in bands seemed easier. You can´t be a solo artist without the right people around you even if you handle the whole music thing more or less alone. Misty is really the person that makes it possible for me.

You are not only a musician but also modeling every now and then; do you have any other talents we don´t know about yet?
Hum.. lemme think… I´ve been a body piercer by the time music didn´t provide me enough of incomes. It was a fun job! I also practice martial arts and I love gym (I know it´s gay but I´m addicted to it nowadays and it doesn´t hurt my fingers as karate does!). Lately my new occupation has become real estate broker. It is not very artistic for once but I like the new challenge. Besides it provides me with an interesting alternative to the “music 24/7” as I´ve done for ten years. I feel the need not to live a one sided life.

How do your plans for 2014 look like?
Releasing that damn video, releasing the damn next one along with the damn album. Getting ready, again, for some damn shows then starting to work on the next album and… Probably brokering some houses! 😉

Do you have any New Year resolutions?
Well, same as mentioned above, quitting smoking is already done with.

Ok and last but not least: You got three free wishes from a fairy godmother, what do you wish for? 😉
1st: Abolition of money and currencies as this would solve most of the problems and suffering on earth.
2nd: Abolition of fear so people would start living a more meaningful life doing the things they really wanna do.
3rd: This will seem futile after number 1 and 2 but in practice it hasn´t been any easier: Finding a reliable and motivated DJ to hit the stage with Kim and Me on the future live sets! I´ve tried very hard for many months and at that point it seems like only the fairy godmother can make it happen; so please!!!

Thanks a lot for your time and all the best for 2014. Merry X-Mas and Happy New Year
Thank ya Sandy, it´s been a pleasure, cheerz!

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