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Nicole’s Art Vernissage feat. Excentric

19.11.2023 Vernissage Nicole’s Art Tonwerk Studios, Lausen, Switzerland

You surely have heard of Nicole’s Art in the past, for example in our interview and her stand at Fantasy Basel with her paintings of Spiderman, John Wick and Jack Sparrow has always been very popular. This year, Nicole had been very productive and therefore such an art show event makes perfect sense. The halls of Tonwerk Studios in Lausen offer the rustic frame and a lot of space for the surrounding environment, e.g. sofas for the guests to sit down a bit. The evidence of this hall’s former use for oven-, brick and tiles production creates a unique atmosphere.

Part of the presentation are also a few new sculptures, relief paintings and paintings including sculpture parts, for example a portrait of  Wednesday Adams and The Hand, Spiderman reaching out of the frame or one of Davey Jones’ tentacles with the key to his heart. Once again Nicole inspires with her artwork and especially  the “short story of life” will deeply touch you or even make you cry a bit.

More exhibition photos further below in the interactive gallery!

This Vernissage comes with additional entertainment, because at 16h the band Excentric begins to play.

With Excentric anno 2005

Nicole has invited this band she has been friends with for a while, and those 3 guys do not hesitate to present their Metal song material.

For me this band is quite well-known, too, I met them at the show with Sentenced at Z7 in 2005 where they played as support act. Back then I was “just” a fan and not yet having reporting duties – but of course I insisted on taking a photo with those guys.

After that the band went into a hiatus, but this year the more mature band members announced a comeback. Which seems to be a good idea, because Pivi Pieren, Marc Waldmeier and Raff Martin present good songs, good skills and good vocals, simply a very successful show. Excentric don’t get discouraged by the rather unusual environment and deliver a highly professional performance, including smoke cannons and pyros – a truly entertaining 1h show. The Excentric program includes the song Nicole created a painting for: «Raise your Wings». Who wants to find out more about Excentric and Nicole’s Art – check out the links below.

Some of those paintings are still available and you might be hearing more of Excentric soon.

And I naturally couldn’t resist to snatch one of those artworks for a very nice place in my home. 😊

A great event, thank you, Nicole and Excentric.

Links Nicole’s Art:


FB: https://www.facebook.com/Nicolesart2

Insta : https://www.instagram.com/nicolespainting/

Links Excentric:

FB: https://www.facebook.com/excentricband
Insta: https://www.instagram.com/excentricband/

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