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Mohn À Lisa: Dollish elegance

Mohn À Lisa is an Austrian Fashion brand which was founded in spring/summer 2014. Playful designs invite you into a fantasy world, and love and attention to detail come first. The style features a dollish elegance which is reflected in all the creations.

How did you get the idea to devote yourself to designing?
In my school years I attended a high school for fashion and apparel technology, because I enjoyed designing and drawing. During this time I also took part in fashion competitions where I had my first successes. After graduating it was clear to me that I would stay in this area and would like to create my own small label.

How much time do you need to create and manufacture a collection?
This greatly depends on the season and the expense. I believe that there is no standard time, as each collection is totally different. The slightest effort is designing, its implementation is the biggest challenge and goes with experimentation. The choice of material is purely a planning thing, because you are depending on stock and the delivery times. Which means very long planning ahead.
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Where do you find your inspiration for your ideas?
That is hard to say. I was mainly inspired at fabric fairs and then searched for an appropriate topic. At such events you can see what is possible and how advanced and creative the materials might be. This expands your mind and stakes down boundaries. Unfortunately, because of your technical background, you often experience tunnel vision.

How would you describe your style?
My designs are rich in detail and playful. I would almost call it “dolllish”. In recent collections a very strong tendency was to see the traditional dress. Each collection is designed on a theme that evokes fairy tales.
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Why do young people nowadays tend to go back to traditional garment and “back to the roots”?
There is an overall trend back to traditions and natural products. Not only in the fashion world. It was only a matter of time before this is reflected also in Austrian fashion. Elements of other countries’ traditional clothes are currently also very popular with designers, such as from Russia. Designers try more and more back to the roots and innovatively adapt to the present day, after all we let them collect dust long enough. It means to cherish traditions again, in order to make yourself unique and increase brand recognition.
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What’s the difference between today’s traditionell dress to the earlier Dirndl?
The cuts may vary and are not bound by directives. For example, as regards the length and the decoltee. You have much more freedom nowadays. Regarding the material selection and quality, there are also hardly any guidelines. Some designers choose modern patterns and animal prints, which was not possible earlier. Using lace for a “everyday dirndl” was not appropriate and rather used for the wedding dress. Thus you can adjust the current dirndl to the respective fashion trends and create an individual design, which is a big advantage for younger customers.

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What is your advantage over other designers?
I believe my versatile other interests, such as photography, illustration, trends, makeup, music, and more, have a positive effect. Therefore I can give specific requirements as well as descriptions of my ideas, what creative people find difficult sometimes. My rootedness and quick mind helps greatly.
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Have you ever designed something and later saw that another designer has made something very alike?
Oooh yes! That’s my biggest problem personally. I cannot accept that, and then try to adjust my design as far as possible. It is difficult for me to identify myself with this afterwards, because of this other model appearing in my head repeatedly.

How many people work for your label?
At the moment I’m still mostly alone and sometimes on a new collection I get the help of one or two people. 

Where do you get your materials?
Virtually all my materials are from Austria, which is very important to me.

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Have you ever worked with a high society person?
Yes, I worked this fall with a great singer and artist from Austria, Nadine Beiler. She is the model and the face of the autumn / winter collection 2016/17.

What difficulties is a designer facing in the beginning?
It is very difficult to find good contacts for materials and to find your way in this new world. Plus estimating how much time to invest and when it would rather be a waste of time. Scheduling and planning is the Alpha and Omega, as well as to learn that you should not rely on anything frivolously. One must be aware that the whole focus is on you and waits for a command. From this point, the clock can not stop ticking, otherwise you lose faster than you think.
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What do you think is the key to success for a designer?
Phew … If it were a key, the lock would already been broken. Everyone needs to find out for yourself. It is important to believe 200% in yourself and to be convinced of your idea. After all, you take your ideas outside. Courage and strength are needed for the obstacles that await you. Anyone who thinks that this is just having fun drawing and sewing, should not even begin with it. Lots of patience is also required, as well as finding joy in making new contacts. Being proud of your work and achievements and presenting them where ever possible, is very important. You never know where happiness awaits you. Great commitment and consistent work is the basic requirement.

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The Website of Desinger Mohn À Lisa alias Lisa Magdalena Frühauf, who models her own design here (http://www.mohnalisa.com/)

Model Nadine Beiler (https://www.facebook.com/nadinebeiler.official )

Make up Bianca Humer (http://www.biancahumer.com/)

Photos: Natalie Paloma Photographie (http://nataliepaloma.at/)

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