Shakra – Invincible

Label: AFM Records     Release Date: 09.06.2023

Thom Blunier, Thomas Muster, Roger Tanner, Dominik Pfister and Mark Fox are the members of the Swiss Hard Rock Band Shakra, which should be a well-known name by now.

2020 the guys released their album “Mad World”, which was in deed a fitting title for all the chaos happening back then. But as they were not able to go on a tour promoting this record, they decided to use their time creatively and worked on the next album. With “Invincible”, they look back on almost 33 years of band history; they have gone through different constellations, but the core member, mastermind Thom Blunier, has just always kept on going. With Mark Fox back at the microphone, they just made the right decision, somehow this voice just belongs to Shakra.

With “The way it is”, the album starts with the Shakra sound we are used to. Their Hard Rock anthems always build up in a similar way, with a catchy chorus and great guitar riffs. Shakra stay true to their style, without being boring, and if you expect big style changes or surprises, you are wrong. But still every album features its own treasure of songs. Like this one, for example, has “Devil left Hell” or “Old Irish Song”, two great fast tracks to sing along. Following is “Tell her that I’m Sorry”,for a good reason the first single that was released from the new album. Next one is “As I lay down to Sleep”, a ballad and a very beautiful song and the only slow one on the album, because high speed characterizes “House of Rock”, again a typical Shakra anthem. The second last song is “Between the Lines”, for me the best song on the album. The grand finale is made by the very fast but slightly chaotic number “As long as I’m Alive”, and that’s how long the guys want to continue making music. It should be granted to them, the new record “Invincible” is a great output and we will also see them soon live on stage once again: In October they will be playing several shows.

  • 9/10
    Bewertung / rating - 9/10

Sandy Mahrer

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