The Nova Hawks – Redemption

Label: Frontiers Records Release Date: 12.02.2021

«Redemption» is the British Blues Rock’n’Roller’s The Nova Hawks debut release at Frontier Records. The band or rather the duo is formed by singer Heather Leoni, who impresses with a variable voice, and guitarist Rex Roulette, whose backing voice fits perfectly to Leoni’s.

Each song on “Redemption” is supposed to tell its own story and indeed that is true. There’s a dark touch characterizing those songs, and together with smoky, deep, then again high and clear vocals by Leoni give you some goose flesh. The songs are dominated by a heavy groove yet also have a lot of feeling, and the vocal lines somehow add a much lighter note.

The title track “Redemption”, plus Dusty Heart” and “Run Wild” are songs I particularly enjoy. Sometimes the Blues sound contains more country feeling, sometimes it goes more into Rock’n’Roll, and this diversity and the emotions those songs transmit is exactly what I really like on the debut of this British band.

People who like Blues or are just looking for an appealing, diverse female voice should check out The Nova Hawks. Take a listen, you won’t regret it!

  • 8/10
    Bewertung / rating - 8/10

Sandy Mahrer

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