Plastic Tears – Anthems for Misfits

Label: Wormholedeath Records      Release Date 27.03.2021

«Anthems for Misfits» is the fourth album of the Finnish band Plastic Tears and it will be  released worldwide via Wormholedeath Records. The band around singer Miqu December mixes classic Rock with Punk, Hard Rock and Glam elements. On “Anthems for Misfits” you can find 12 new songs and the opener Doomsday Girls” is indeed heating up the party. While I am not really pleased by the first two songs, number three “Clash in the Night” hits the point, it is rather laid back, but still has enough power to keep a party going. However, this might be the song I’d choose to drive through the night. In my opinion from this point the quality of the songs is only increasing, “Look of Lies” – a story of a girl hurting herself – has never been told so nicely. “Hallucination” reminds me of another song, but I just can’t make up my mind which one it is. But it’s really nice to have a huge variation of songs on the album, it definitely won’t get boring to listen to it. The guitarists Andy Whitewine and Juha Pietiläinen know how to handle their instruments. On Bass there’s Edu Kettunen and on Drums Mr. Eco Xtasy. The band has had a chaotic history and it would be nice if they could finally calm down a bit and achieve a breakthrough with their album “Anthems for Misfits”.



  • 8/10
    Bewertung / rating - 8/10

Sandy Mahrer

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