Syzoz – Resurrection

Self-Release     release: Oct 23, 2020

2 years ago, Syzoz was featured as a STALKER Fresh Act  and a lot has happened since then.
Their first EP is here!
And two new band members have arrived as replacement of those who left the band: Luk und Björn. At the same time the missing drummer seat has finally found an occupant with Luk.

The EP contains 4 songs and some of them have been released via Youtube before, Resurrection and Frontlines – so check out those songs. “Fever” is real ear candy and my personal favorite of this EP.

The presentation of Resurrection happened online yesterday (23.10.) via Livestream, with a lot of fun and beer – and the band answered fan questions too.

For those who enjoy honest music from the heart, hard work and a lot of talent – check out this band and this EP!

There are only 100 (numbered) physical copies available.


Text: Tatjana Tattis Murschel

  • 9/10
    Bewertung / rating - 9/10

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