Leather Synn – Warlord

Non Nobis Production    June 12, 2020

Leather Synn raise attention with the first song of this 4-Track-EP   – great voice, style inspired by Old School NWOBHM or let’s say Iron Maiden… an intense opener. This Heavy Metal band, founded in 2011, belongs to a movement which can be called “The New Wave of Portuguese Heavy Metal”.  The band history offers a lot of drama too, for example many years of constantly changing band personell. This EP is the result of hard work and the band hopes to put behind all those years of struggle and frustration. The title track gives an idea of where they want to go in the future with the new line-up. The older material, tending much more to Hardrock, is an attempt to close the chapter of the past. The 4th track Commited to Metal has a touch of Power Metal and is quite a Metal anthem for headbanging. All in all a solid piece of traditional Metal and I can only encourage Leather Synn to continue. Listen to those guys, especially when you are into solid earthy  80s Sound.

Line Up:
Eduardo Sanchez Cano – Vocals
Carlos “Manimal” Faria – Bass
Sergio Damas – Guitars
Rafael “Anima” Martins – Guitars
Tiago Barros – Drums


Leather Synn (Leather Sin) - Committed to Metal 2020 (Let's fight covid-19 -Stay at home version)

  • 7.5/10
    Bewertung / rating - 7.5/10

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