Queensryche / Firewind / Mirrorplain @ Z7 Pratteln

07.08.2019 @ Z7 Pratteln, Switzerland

It is a shame that I haven’t seen Queensryche live before, but today finally is the day and I am eager to find out what those guys have to offer. Unfortunately the Z7 is not that crowded with about 500 people, but the positive aspect is that you have room to enjoy the bands.

First on are the Germans Mirrorplain from Finnentrop who have been playing together since 2011 and who are a fantastic opener for this evening. Their Hard Rock /Heavy Metal mix paired with the great voice of Christian Döring appeals to the crowd. The band also delivers a great stage show and Christian is moving around all the time. Those great songs make this performance a real pleasure and I can only recommend to check out this band.

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It has been a while since I have seen  Firewind live, but I am sure I have seen this band with both former singers Chity Somapala and Apollo Papathanasio. Guitar Hero Gus G. can be watched more often and he had been at Z7 not that long ago. However, Firewind are much more my thing and I am really looking forward to this gig. Henning Basse as been the new singer of this Greek band since 2011 and I have to say, he does a great job. His intense blue eyes and his stage presence draw all the attention of the audience. Not much left to say – both opening bands have set the quality level high and I wonder whether Queensryche can top that.

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Those guys are eagerly awaited by the crowd and after only a few songs I can understand why. Todd LaTorre is one of the most gifted singers in the business and a true showman. Although I begin to doubt whether indeed everything is sung live,  Queensryche truly convince me with their show. For my taste there could have been less of those calm songs, but the people present are fully under the band’s spell and like those ballads in particular. There are many couples who can hardly keep their hands of each other during those romantic songs. Queensryche prefers quality to quantity, they play an about 70 minutes program, but this program is excellent.

A phantastic concert evening I would not have wanted to miss.

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