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Aural Coma – Fresh Act June 2019

Aural Coma are young, ambitious and they know exactly where they want to go with their music. They offer their fans something special not only music-wise, but also visually – they always show new looks in Visual Kei style. We met the Swiss Band at their rehearsal place.

Hey, please introduce your band: Who are its members and since when have you been active?
We are Aural Coma and consist of four members. Officially we exist since August 2018 in this formation, unofficially we, Bassist Teiko and I (Vocalist Aya), laid the foundation stone already before that. Then Drummer Keru joined and to give the whole thing a mysterious touch, guitarist Mr.R. Shortly joined after that, and in the end of September the first release was our single “Kageshoujo”.

How do you experience the Visual Kei Scene in Switzerland. How do you feel as a band here, who makes this kind of music?
We feel different and “lonely” at the moment. (laughter) There are hardly any bands like this outside of Japan. For us what counts is “being different” and the musical and artistic freedom. We live in our own world, in which we don’t need to be as we should be, a world where one can be just oneself. One of our goals is it to encourage people simply to be themselves. We don’t like it to be labeled. It’s just our music, in its own way also with Visual Kei and Metal-inspirations.

You’ve been at Fantasy Basel with your own booth and people sometimes compared you with Anime characters. How is it for you to be compared to an Anime or Manga character? Especially at a Fantasy event people could also think you are more Cosplay than a band. Isn’t it a bit weird for you?
We don’t see it as a problem, we continue that style as always. So it actually doesn’t matter what others say about it.

How did you get the idea for the name Aural Coma? Which meaning do you connect to it?
I love this question (laughter)

This question is always asked, and needs to be asked!
It is also proof that it is a cool name, when this question appears. Well, basically we are humans who don’t like to explain the meaning behind our stuff, including the lyrics. We prefer to give everyone the freedom – regarding lyrics, songs, band name, our image and our music in general – to understand, to feel and to interpret as they wish. Just that: Aural Coma – Coma Aural.

The main part of your lyrics is Japanese, as much as I can say that, do you all speak the language well?
Relatively. I tell the same here as always, if you don’t speak the language, you can’t write lyrics in Japanese, if you want to communicate something. Just everyone of us is on his/her own level. Everyone of us is surely interested in the language.

Of course also I will ask what topics your songs are about?
I (Aya) really like to pick up personal topics. Things that I experienced and often I also take care to let the other members be part of it. Cause for me a band is not four people, it’s one piece of cake, we are not complete, if one of us is missing and therefore I won’t exclude someone. That is really important to us, we are actually much more than just a band, we are family.

So a very important part of it are feelings?
(Aya) Yeah, personal stuff and things that can strengthen and inspire people to hold on, even if it gets difficult. And also lyrics someone can understand in double and triple kind of different meanings.

You (Teiko and Aya) played at Visual Rock Shock in Stockholm, will it happen again and would it be something for Aural Coma too?
It’s unclear. The bands that played back then are partly not that active anymore. No idea.

Do you think it is hard to gain ground with this kind of music?
It’s surely not easy! But it is also no reason to give up. So we just fight through and believe in the people. One should just give the whole thing a new chance. The demand is there, that someone wants to hear new music and they can’t, if bands don’t deliver anything new or break up, but therefore people also have to support the band they like.

You mentioned before that you regularly travel to Japan. Do you have plans to play gigs there?
Yeah, best would be to have a gig every day. Nothing is sure yet, but we are planning it.

You are planning it, so that means people can simply follow your Website and Social-Media-channel, so that they find out where you play live.
Exactly. One has to be social (laughter) And otherwise just visit a concert here and say HI. With Insta and Facebook one always know where and when they can experience a gig with us together.
(5.7. Monthey, Tattoo Bar / 31.8 Winterthur. )

You have a great Video to your song «ToolBoxx», do you have plans for another video?
Absolutely! People can soon expect it to happen. We are busy working on it.

Well, then for calling it a day, I’d like to know what you want to achieve as a band. What are the dreams and wishes of Aural Coma?
Definitely to encourage people to be themselves and just like bands inspired us, we hope to inspire others too. We want to experience our dream together with our fans.

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