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50’s Rocket Market & Car Show Switzerland

28.04.2019 Mehrzweckhalle, Zofingen, Switzerland

For the second time the Grand Dame of Swiss Burlesque Zoe Scarlett presents 50’s Rocket, a cozy In&Outdoor Event in the industrial area of Zofingen. At a Garage Sale the idea for this new event was born and Zoe has been quite successful with it. It seems that the area is too small for the event only at the second time, but in the end it’s intended for a small circle.

As the whole weekend is not quite at its best regarding the weather, we just visit the Sunday and begin searching the area after arrival at Zofingen railway station. Without cell and GPS it is difficult, only at a crossing near the Mehrzweckhalle there are a few and pretty small signs. More and bigger signs and a better description how to get there on the website would be a suggestion for next time. The visitor parking is quite off location too, therefore ladies better wear good shoes or take some with them for a change. There seems to be a shuttle service but not running that often, so there’s no other way than walking to the area, or call a taxi.

At Mehrzweckhalle you are welcomed by Eagle Eye Security and the Rocket Babes, a club for females founded by Scarlett who enjoys the lifestyle around Vintage, Rock’n’Roll, Cars & Bikes. The Babes change the ticket into a wristband, and you can already spot the first vingage US cars like Chevrolet, Camaro, Dodge, Mustang, Buick, Rolls Royce, Studebaker, and despite the bad weather almost all the slots are taken. The Rocket Babes and visitors pose with cars, perhaps dream of their own US car in case they haven’t got one yet. No Bikes but there’s a Blues Brothers Highway Patrol Car, inclunding Blues Brother and a police woman putting him in handcuffs.


There are people of all ages, many ladies wear Petticoats and are vintage-styled and only a few wear high heels. We can guess why. Most men at the event wear Bluejeans, leather jacket and an Elvis hair style. It’s nice to see that many people in Switzerland don’t just see it as a fashion statement but rather as a life style and actually wear this kind of outfit every day.

In the back of the area you can find food stands and several seats which might not be sufficient when the weather is nicer. There is a wide range of food and even a stand for dog supplies. Dogs are only allowed outdoors but because of some heavy rain some take their dogs also inside. Unfortunately there is nowhere to be outside in bad weather, luckily today it’s only a couple of showers and the area dries up fast in the sunshine in between. Still I would suggest to find a solution for real bad weather, a tent with seats for example. Along with the food stands there is also a Tiki stand and you can watch how a Tiki is made. Because of the sound boxes everywhere you can follow what happens in the hall and which band is on stage besides the DJ, which makes the outdoor area quite cozy.

In a side building you can find a flea market with vintage items, rarities, vinyls, magazines, dishes, jewelery and clothing. In the main hall a lot of vendors offer their services bands are playing, today for example a lot Max Cole and his Compari, Spunkyboys and Sam’s Sticky Bandits and after a dance workshop for everybody there’s also a Q&A with Aaron Kaufmann. The Fast’N’ Loud – Gas Monkey Star replies to fan questions, poses for photos and gives autographs afterwards. It was a good idea to choose him as star guest. Another one is Model and Vintage Blogger Miss Victory Violet, who is also present for a Meet & Greet and at a 1940s Hair and Make-up Workshop.

You have plenty of artistic choices at the vendor stands, e.g. dresses, Elvis merchandise, Jukeboxes or you can get a tattoo, either a real one or airbrushed. The VinylOmat is a real innovative attraction, you can record a 2-min-message in a booth on vinyl, and the box it comes in with also functions as vinyl player. Peter Leuenberger and his partner rent out this booth for events, weddings or birthday parties, and you can also have a  Whatsapp message recorded on vinyl. Check out  www.vinylomat.ch.

In the back of the hall some Rocket Babes take care of the younger guests with paint workshops and handicraft, and the kids can also get some FacePrint. More artists are present, e.g. DE DICK Pinstriping & Kustomart offer paintings on motor bike helmets, and an artist from Leipzig produces mosaics – check out  Mosaik Massaker.


More Pinstriping artists with impressive works are Markus Stern and the only Swiss representant  Angry Brush – and many of them are busy to create custom items right there at the stand. Unfortunately they forget to put some price tags on their exhibitions, so you automatically assume that everything is way too expensive. However, if you check out the websites, this is not the case, you can get quite beautiful artwork for decent prices.

Sam Budja and his Sticky Bandits are the last band on Sunday, getting the audience to dance with their great grooves, yet with a little delay.

The 50’s Rocket event is definitely worth to be checked out, and the entrance fee of  20.- CHFR is not too bad. It is a smaller event which is still in development, and there are some aspects to be improved, as mentioned, like signs, outdoor seating and rain protection and perhaps also a better place for the bar, and a bigger one, because it takes quite some time to get a drink. Which might be an important issue to keep it a comfortable experience, because: Despite the bad weather there were quite a lot of people at the event, and you can imagine there might be many more when the sun is shining.

As mentioned, it is just the second year and I am sure that the next event is already in planning, and maybe bigger. A showgirl like  Zoe Scarlett is always good for some surprises.

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