Ville Valo & Agents

After 4 sold-out shows in a row at Tavastia Club in Helsinki, on 30.4. Ville Valo and the Agents had another show in Somero. Which is a very special place, as it is the birthplace of Rauli „Badding“ Somerjoki, who passed away in 1987. He wrote the evergreens Ikkunaprinsessa and Paratiisi.

Ville Valo had already worked with the Agents in 1999 and this year they published a whole album with him dedicated to Rauli „Badding“ Somerjoki with his songs (we reported).

The hall is totally sold out and as it is Vappu evening, the audience, a mix of people in all ages, is in a very relaxed mood.

The show starts at 23 with 2 instrumental songs before Ville Valo joins the stage. He seems very relaxed and sings the songs with full dedication. As it is a completely different project to his former band HIM, you can now fully appreciate his full vocal range.

The songs Paratiisi and Jykevää On Rakkaus are the most famous and beloved songs in Finland, therefore the audience sings along enthusiastically with the band.

There are also songs played which had been translated into Finnish, for example Kaunis Maailma (What a wonderful world) and Kuin Runotar Hän Kulkee (Poetry in motion).

Although the Finnisch „iskelmä“ (Schlager, Pop) music is not my favourite genre, I have to admit, that the show was absolutely fantastic. Listening to Ville Valo in another genre of music shows me once more that he is an absolute allrounder as artist and musician.

Even for those who are not so much into this kind of music, if you have the chance to see them: it´s worth it!

Text and photos: Tatjana Tattis Murschel

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